Chiara (_moon_litxheart) wrote,

Sick and Tired

Here I go.. scream my lungs out and try to get to you...
So you know when you want someone to hear you? You scream your lungs out to the best of your ability. And even though you know you're screaming.. you tell yourself he just can't hear you.. it's not like he's ignoring you and your screams. The person I want to be with, give my heart to, make love to every night.. doesn't want to be with me. And then I end up at a dead end, with a scatched up throat.. out of honey to soothe my pain.
You scream, i love you. You scream.. I will devote my life to making you the happiest person around.. You scream.. Give me a chance.. You scream.. Make me a better person.. You scream, I know last night meant something to you..But he has head phones on... So you walk away.. because you have no more voice.. you don't have paper and pen.. you aren't ready to compromise communication....
Day after day, I get a little of my voice back. But I'm scared if I open my mouth .. it'll all go away again.
I can't afford to lose my voice.
I'll just walk away and close my eyes and wish... that someday you will whisper that you heard me scream.

..memories of you..
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