Chiara (_moon_litxheart) wrote,

( I= everyone who writes that sort of stuff, including myself)

I read an entry and it made me think, why do we have to constantly prove to others that we are ok? I used to do it all the time. So yeah, I'm guilty too. Sometimes I still do it. I write about I'm stronger today than I was yesterday. But why? Its not for you to read. I mean, no offense but I shouldn't have to prove myself to anyone but me. Maybe writing it down... so that I can come back to read it. But I never do. I just read all the comments left, praising me.. congratulating me... it makes me feel good.
The entry I read is written by someone who doesn't write anything anymore, nothing worth reading. This person used to write the most amazing stuff, that I completely admired to the fullest extent, even when we were fighting. And now, its all pictures.. Its all inside jokes... (Remember, My journal has alot of this also). I tried to move away from it as much as I could.. and I did. I write stories, poems, and my opinions about everything and anything I can think about...
I know everyone has a right to write about whatever they please... But I guess its human nature to be judgemental. I wonder why this person has to remind his/her readers that he/she is still breathing & getting better by the hour. Every now and then thats fine... but what happens when its all you write about?
Sorry... Just thinking... (?)
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