Chiara (_moon_litxheart) wrote,

A weekend's analysis

I spent the past weekend getting drunk. Yeah. I even showed up to the second party, still drunk from the night before.

What exactly does Alcohol do for you? What did it do for me?
Does it transform a shy soul into a wild one? Does it make you sick, to the point where your friends are considering taking you to the hospital? Is it a truth serum? Do you say out loud what ur heart speaks, what your thoughts say? Does it bring out the anger in you? Make you completely unreasonable to the point where you threaten to punk your best friend because he raised his voice at you? Does it let you do things to others including yourself, that you might not be able to do sober? Does it sugarcoat embarassment? Does it give you an excuse to make a move on a girl you've had feelings for, for about 4 years? Does it turn girls lesbian? Does it ever attack your emotions, and remind you of your girlfriend that you fought with before the booze? Does it make you cry? Happy? sad? Suicidal?In love? Sick? Jealous? Angry? Horny? Weird? Mean? Affectionate?

I've seen all of this, believe it or not, in a weekend of partying. I spent Thursday and Friday (I LOVE being able to say Thursday night is now part of my weekend, gotta love college).. Uhm, yea... So.. I spent Thursday night as well as Friday night home. I went to a movie one night, stayed in the second. I love them both, being with someone and spending a quite first half of the weekend, and being social the other half.

But I would never want to trade in all my party nights for quiet ones. Because on my party nights, thats when theres a boy running around in a thong at a lingerie party, jumping in a pool, drunk, wearing panties and a bra, because thats where you can look at all your friends and hold nothing back. Apart from the getting sick, partying... especially with a huge group of my friends, is amazing. I know my limits so I don't get sick anymore when I drink. Both nights I stayed, taking care of 2 different people that were throwing up. As gross as it is, I can't deny smiling...
These are the days of our lives.
These are the days we remember most, that we tell our children and grandchildren about.
These are the days you have your bonding moments. Whether it'd be dancing.. or singing Queen, or taking care of someone when their sick, holding back their hair, cuddling with someone you have a crush on, and even throwing a punch at ur best friend. (Lol).

No, Im not promoting drinking.
No, I don't need alcohol to have fun.

But you've gotta admit, when it comes to alcohol... and you are all taking shots... and you see everyone drinking.. you can't help but wonder... "Who'll hook up? Will anyone declare their undying love for me (Hahaha).. will I fight with anyone? Will I make peace with anyone I had drama with? I wonder who will be dancing... Oh and who'll be sick? And those guys with cameras, who'll be taking pictures? And of what? Any gay or lesbian action? Will any gay guys hook up with straight girls (haha inside joke)... "
Its fun. These are the days of our youth. So no, you don't need alcohol or parties.. but every once in a while... it doesn't hurt.
Be careful, know your limits, and make sure someone is there to take care of u in case you get sick...
Other than that..

Party the fuck on Youth of America.

U drink? How much? Do you drink a lot? Do you party? What do you do?
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