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Dear diary=


1.SMC day today, SMC day tommorow... ♥ liran... funny ass jokes like the 2nd graders we were 10 or 11 years ago.
2. USC tonight/ Frat.
3. I wish somethings could be different... even though I know they cant.
4. Totally stoked for classes to start on Monday... I got all my books and I have to buy some more Monday morning.
5.Reminder: Entry Update:: Cause and Effect
6. Its about that time again... the time I crave passion . The time I crave emotion.. & the time I crave a body to feel against my own. I surrender- Fighting to my fullest ability, these wonderful temptations.
7. Im totally over it. ♥
8. Awesome hanging out with my old friends last night// Brian (brain) paul ♥, zack & ryan.... Watching the Ali G show till 330 in the morning... xoxo

SideNote// U cannot hold me down

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