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dream only when everything is over...

24 March
50 cent, 80s music, aaf, aim, artificial intelligence, audioslave, baby food, bad religion, bam margera, banana runts, barefoot, batman, beach, beaches, ben, blowpops, blueberries, body piercing, bruce almighty, cable, candy, cars, cats, cky, club music, coffee, comedy, dance music, dcs, dice, dickies, dido, difference, disney movies, dogs, drawing, dreams, drinking, eating, emo glasses, etnies, eye liner, feet, ferris bueler's day off, flip flops, friends, gagues, girl interrupted, glow in the dark, goo goo dolls, graphic & web design, gray eyes, gum, hamsters, hate, heathers, hoodies, horror movies, hot skater guys, html, ice cream, iced coffee, jackass, jamie kennedy, johnny knoxville, journals, korn, laughing, laying around, lewis black, life, linkin park, liquor, loud music, love, madonna, making out, me, michael jackson, more candy, music, neon, new found glory, newports, nigga, nipple rings, nofx, nose piercings, not you, orgy, papa roach, photography, piercings, pink, plugs, pooh bear, pools, porn, ps2, purple, raab himself, raspberry snapple, roger rabbit, rollar coasters, rollercoasters, roxy, ryan dunn, sarah mclachlan, septoms, sex, singing, skateboarding, skater kicks, skaters, skeeter davis, skittles, smiles, stand up comedy, starbucks, stars, stitch, strawberries, sum41, sunsets, surveys, tattoo, tattooes, tattoos, teddy bears, the beach, the exorcist, the hives, the ring, the shining, the used, thursday, tlc, toenail polish, tongue rings, typing, water, weird people, winnie the pooh, wizard of oz, writing, written journals, xxx, you, Ü•