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7 June
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I'm a bit of a gay
I'd brag about the music I listen to but everyone else has seem to do that.
Plus they don't know what they are talking about
I don't think I'm pretty
I am sure most people will agree
No that doesn't mean I want your silly little compliments
I know the difference between your and you're
Their they're and there
Where were and we're
Unlike most people around here
I like knowing people used to be dorky
I love Ben
More than you

I'm not the nicest person in the world
Actually I'm not nice at all
I tend to dislike girls
Always have, not purposely.
Shit happens I suppose.
If you do, please go away.
I'm a bit of a twat
I adore the words 'cunt' and 'idiot'
I like dogs.
I can't hold things in my left hand.
My left hand is numb most of the time :p
I like coffee a whole bunch
I like my friends lots
I hardly ever see them but they know I'm there
I like you
I hate people who are fake
Despite what any of you think I'm not.
I'm a vegetarian
A real one, not like some of those silly people who claim to be and then eat a cow
I have stupidly sized breasts
And I hate them
I like sparkly shoes
I like boy pants
I like singing, even though I can't sing at all
I like dancing, even though I can't dance at all
I like getting drunk
And singing and dancing
I like pretty girls
I like biting my cheek when someone says something silly
I like scrunching my nose up when I get kissed on my forehead
I swear way too much
I hate where I live
It's Jodie by the way :p