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Keep it moving...

7 February 1983
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It's about time I updated this, though the last bio still stands. I'm now justpasthalfway in that Ph. D. It's not easy, but not as scary as it used to be. Public speaking still sucks but is doable. My hangovers hurt more than they used to. I've been pipetting all day for 3.5 years now, but I think maybe this isn't the right thing, so I'm cleaning up puke in a student residence and I'm still flipping pans occasionally in order to think about it more closely. I'm realizing that you never really magically feel grown up, which means a "professional" job is probably not for me. I wonder whether I can stomach more school.

fandombio: Japanese and korean music. I think this one is going to stick for awhile.

[2007 version] this journal's now fandom and maybe writing focused, but i'm going to briefly bio anyway. i'm still doing two things at once, though now most of my time is spent trying my best in a hospital research institute's program in cell biology, in my first year of a Ph. D. Cooking's been temporarily relegated to pocketchangesaturdaysonly and i miss it. i'm rubbish at public speaking and motivated to change that. i'm newly inspired to get back to playing akogii. i still drink too much beer, but have learned to manage it much better, and since australia i drink coffee in much smaller volumes. i like having four seasons, and i like it when there's several different languages being spoken in the same room.
fandombio: is always changing of course. but right now it's japanese music. additionally, i always have been, and always will be, a diehard slasher. preferably the dirty dirty smutty stuff =op

[2004 version which i still largely agree with] i'm a currently overworked often indecisive canadian kid that writes reactions by day and aquires scars by night. i drink too much beer and coffee and try not to smoke, i commute by feet-and-headphones. i appreciate good talks, randomness with discipline, good food, thoughtful creativity, consideration, and people who treat politics like sports. i don't appreciate most of the usual things, like unnecessary rudeness, undisclosed intentions and closed minds.