Monkey Wrench (_monkeywrench_) wrote,
Monkey Wrench

Insert thought provoking subject

Well I finally got my electric guitar only to get it home to realise it has a big whorey chip out of the paint so i have to go all the way back to the store to exchnage it (not without giving it a good thrashing first). Went to work yesterday, then straight from work to the vid ezy staff party or whatever name b-rad (he he) gave it. Anyway by the time Sarah got there, Brad and Mat were really drunk and hot got them kicked out of where-ever we were sposed to be, so me and Sarah being the only Sober drivers drove everyone to the beach, were B-Rad proceeded to make a complete drunken ass of himself, while pissing off a few people in the process :p, and he also told me that supposedly in 5th form me and some big indian guy rubbed a curry pie all over his jacket, I don't rememeber this, does anyone else or is this just one of his drunken ramblings.

Btw watch the movie "Interstate 60;, great film and remember "Happiness is only the contrast of sadness".
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