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12 June
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Hi hi!

This is the new LJ of Yukiko. You might have found your way from my old one at yumiaiko. Or maybe you just stumbled across. Either way please note that this LJ is ~

Meaning that there are open posts, but many will be under secure lock. If you wish to be added as a friend please comment on one of the open posts and I'll think about it. A lot of my posts are for me as reference so probably wouldn't interest you anyway =P

I love many things Japanese including Jpop (especially Hello!Project), Cosplaying, and Anime/Manga. I have my own art site to showcase the pieces I have done and I also sell prints in various forms. I'm also a member of a Jpop cover/performance group! Moonlight Cuties (moonlightcuties) is a fun group of girls that enjoy singing and performing. We're a crazy bunch, but I'm sure you'll enjoy your visit there.

You can visit some of my other sites by just clicking on the banners.

Thank you for visiting! Super Cool!

Interested in keeping up with my costuming progress?
Check out my Cosplay LJ risquecutie for the details!

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