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Hanon Giggle

December 2015

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Aibon chu!


It's awesome =D

Yesterday was my birthday and I had to work XD And I was sort of worried because they threatened to embarrass me...BUT...cuz we were so busy they forgot!!! hahahahaha Awesome...

BUT also people were super super cool to me.

~diamondki wished me a happy birthday which I send <3's to her for!
~usakochan paid for my lj account with extra pics ;_; I LUBLUB YOU!!! Now I have to get off my butt and make a new layout and add more user pics ^^ She also gave me a cute little vgift cupcake. I MISS YOU!!!
~bmmn came to my work to eat and I wish I could have talked to her more, but so busy ~WAI!~ but we got Chinese food for dinner after work and also got some Gelato YUM!!!
~Shea got me a cute little card with a glittery cake on it (perfect for Bijou's size ^_~)
~Mum got me these cute little hair clips shaped as crowns that I wore to work *lol* (oh...and Bijou is wearing one in her hair too =P)
~I also got a LOT more food hahahaa Garlic Bread because it is YUMMY and an itty bitty German Chocolate cake ^^
~I also got a HUGE My Melody purse/bag that I've turned into my sewing bag (there's logic behind it and as soon as I upload a pic I'll explain the story!)

I also got a phone call from my niece Jam that was the cutest thing EVER!

Me - Hello?
Her - It's me!
Me - HI!!!
Her - Happy Birthday Auntie!!!
Me - Awwwww Thank You...I love you!
Her - I love you too...Are you coming over tomorrow???

LOL She just slides that right in and then tries to guilt trip me in so I can visit her XDDD hahaha My sister said Jam wanted to know if I was going to have a big cake and when the party was *lol* So cute *_*

So good day all around except for the fact that I can't even touch the garlic bread, cake, or leftover Chinese because I have a stupid stomach flu



Happy Birthday! (Belated but none the less.)

I hate working on my birthday because it feels wrong, but I hate it even more when they embarass you by singing or something, so I'm glad you were spared that at least.
Belated is fine ^^ Thank you!

Ya...we have this dumb "celebration" song that we have to learn in the week of training and we sing it atleast 3 times a day >_< Soooo happy I was spared that!
Happy Birthday, mah dear!! x3 And no problem! I didn't have time to make a banner yesterday so I figured I would shoot you SOME love at least~ haha ♥♥♥♥ MISSSSSSSSSSS YOU!
<33333333333333's I will comment on your LJ soooooooon. I'm so happy for you!!!
Crap, KNEW I was forgetting something >.> HAPPY BRITHDAY
Awwwwwww...thank you!

I feel like I sounded as if I was fishing for birthday comments ^^;;; I just wanted to tell people how my day went XD
Oh no, no! I had it in my LJ reminders and, of course, I forgot to check those (go me) I am glad you had a good birthday though ^^
Sangyut Fielok (there really is no good way to write Cantonese phonetics in English)