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Hanon Giggle

December 2015

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Hanon Giggle

Late posting

I haven't updated in forever, but so much has been happening XD New job, watching the neice and nephew, holidays, yaddayadda...oh and I injured myself too ^^; Threw my back/hip out and I'm still recovering *sigh* So ya...I'll make a better update later. Right now I'm doing the lame year in review meme and new year resolutions. *nyah*

Take the first sentence of the first post of each month this year -

Jan - I will make happy posts!
Feb - Ya...I'm still working on the report which I'm sure will be waaaay boring now that I'm going to share pics, but oh well XDDD
March - I totally forgot to SQUEEEEE! about this!
April - Ya...so here's a sort of update because I have so much to talk about I doubt I'll get it all typed out, but hopefully it'll explain why I'm so quiet?
May - Good Things -
June - Okies...sooooo...uhm...I'm totally working a gazillion hours and it's an hour to and then from work so that's why you probably haven't seen much of me...I'm exhausted ;_;
July - Super important notice -
Aug - Please let me get your attention on the fact on how dumb I am.
Sept - I've been meaning to update more here because there are a lot of things happening, but I keep forgetting or worrying it'll be too long or too late and ya...you get the idea.
Oct - I have this post locked to only a few peeps because I'm just totally stressed and don't want to share everything with the rest of the world right now.
Nov - I know I haven't been on much.
Dec - So those in the know probably already have heard about this, but just in case...

I guess most of that is typical *haha* Happy to blah to not being on. Man a few months I only posted twice. Guess I haven't been around XDDD And apparently if I don't make short remarks I type out runon sentences. Hmmm...good grammar for me!

Because it's never too early! Let's see what I intend to do this year...

1)Become more focused!
2)Get healthy
3)Eat better
4)Exercise more
5)Lose weight
7)Open my own Boutique
8)Get involved with hobbies I used to do
9)Not get depressed

I think that's pretty do-able. We shall see ^_~

And because I probably won't be on until after the new year -

Happy New Year EVERYONE! Stay safe, be happy, and enjoy the change of numbers ^_^


Happy New Year to youuuuuuuuuuuuu~!!! I hope things are going well for you <3's
Wow some of those sound like a bunch of the ones I'd of put down if I bothered to make a list of them...
I need to review these now it's the second month of the year. I began mostly good and then sort of fell out of them >> Need to get back on track!

And glad to see you a bit more on LJ!