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Hanon Giggle

December 2015

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Hanon Giggle

Not in the mood

I'm not in the Xmasy mood...haven't really been for a few years now. I hope someday that will change. But for right now...But I couldn't pass up posting this seeing it on others' LJ's

On the twelfth day of Christmas, _momokins_ sent to me...
Twelve oppositio_sins drumming
Eleven princessonpapers piping
Ten enjoybeingagirls a-sewing
Nine mierus performing
Eight skullrabbits a-drawing
Seven lovemashiins a-singing
Six maodaidojis a-dancing
Five ro-o-o-oses
Four sweets
Three costumes
Two moonlight cuties
...and a tomoyo in a mermaid melody.
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I guess I don't have enough interests listed that they used a bunch of peeps from my FL, but I LOVE the last one. A Tomoyo in a Mermaid Melody LOL Perfect!

More later.


XDD Very Berry Nice!

I like what I got with it too.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, diamondki sent to me...
Twelve minicarries shopping
Eleven sachibelles writing
Ten chibiclouds a-collecting
Nine darkpaws acting
Eight pillows a-napping
Seven conventions a-singing
Six paperclips a-drawing
Five ca-a-a-ats
Four rocks
Three cookies
Two driving places
...and an internet in a photography.
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I'm not in the Xmasy mood either... But that's just because there's no snow.. There's no great Xmas without snow *sniff* Besides I won't even see my dear cousin on Xmas table as usually, will be so weird I don't even wanna go through it... :/
Five roses? I would have expected that to be 5 costumes and 3 roses or something? LOL Do you mention roses that often in your lj?
I do agree though - the Tomoyo in a mermaid melody is the best!! ^O^