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Hanon Giggle

December 2015

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Usachan PEACE!


So those in the know probably already have heard about this, but just in case...

Aika...seriously. And she's the only one! What happened to adding more than one? IDK...She's one of my least fave, but I'm not surprised by any of that XD I just hope she doesn't go around hunching her shoulders every time she sings. That is really annoying. But they already did a make over kind of thing and she actually looks cute. And scary enough already like a Momusu member...unlike a few others who took forever to actually look like a part of the group *haha* BUT, although I'm all for cute Japanese voices, her singing voice is once again...small. I think I would have liked to hear someone more like Asuka (from 1st Gen) or Kei...but I don't think that's what Tsunku is looking for right now. So...there's the news. I'm more into Berryz anyhoo. Momusu hasn't been the greatest recently...


I'll let my icon say it all
Totally agree
I dunno what to think of her yet~ Too early for me to judge, but she seems pretty cute.. xD And her braces are adorable~ haha xD We shall see how she shapes up. :3
I think they did a really good job giving her an "idol" look already. I saw a group pic of them and you can barely tell she's the new member. Very good! As for how she performs of course we all have to wait. But there's talk she'll be in their new single which is due to be released in Jan! =O Really fast! She seemed very excited on becoming a member which is nice to see ^^