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Hanon Giggle

December 2015

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Hanon Giggle

H!P Update

Because I promised I would talk about Hello!Project AND I need a silly post once in awhile ^_~ And since I have a major headache why talk stress, right? LOL

So for those of you not keeping up Morning Musume had auditions again and we're down to the final 6 who will be going through that mini-boot camp thing most members go through. I say most because I don't think Koha did and we won't go through what I think of her ^_~ Sooooooooo...the 6 finalists...uhm...I'm not totally thrilled by any actually although I'm probably going to cheer for the little one people hate because they think she's too cheery and fake LOL ya...I liked Sayu as well so see? HAHA I only remember her name being Sumire because Tsunku calls her Baby Faced Sumire. She's 13 and looks really young so that's why. She's very professional in her presentation and the way she talks to the camera so maybe too professional for Tsunku? IDK...As for the others there's Natsumi who Tsunku named The New Nacchi so if she doesn't get in I'll be surprised. She's not the greatest singer and has an unusual look, but both of those things are normally taken care of in the Idol World, ne? So I guess I wouldn't mind her getting in. Aika seems to have a nice singing voice BUT she slumps when she sings and has a really annoying talking voice and ugh...they would be doing a lot of work or she has a hidden talent I'm missing. Tsunku says he likes how she only put in 62% of trying to be genki while the others always push for over 100% or something like that LOL She seems to be the underdog fave. Minami seems to be really good, but she reminds me of "old Musume" not the newer one and even if that can be a good thing IDK. People are calling her a "yankee" and comparing her to Reina, but just looking at her, hearing her, and seeing her do a traditional dance with fans puts Yuko into my mind. Back when Yuko first joined...not that many people seem to be familiar with that, but I've been keeping track of MM and H!P from the beginning sooooo...Anyhoo apparently she has a website where she's dressed up as Reina and stuff which I'm not going to call a bad thing, but hm...what is she really like then? Yuu and Ayami are mostly forgettable to me, but in another way they're very typical so hmmmm...People are comparing Yuu to Maasa in Berryz for looks and Ayami is shorter than Mari =O so Tsunku even commented about how "too bad MiniMoni is no longer around". I'm rather curious how this goes so we'll see.

I've actually haven't been into Morning Musume's songs recently...more of the H!P groups. They just don't seem to have what got me involved years ago anymore. So we'll see how this changes...if it changes. Some of H!P I don't like too much either. And oh! Country Musume is no more as well. Both Asami and Miuna are graduating. And there hasn't been any word on what Ai is up to. I don't think she's returning. I wonder what the year 2007 holds for my fave Jpop grouping!

And because people tell me the girls I like can't sing I beg to differ.

Momoko singing Watarasebashi (originally sung by Ayaya)

And Chisato singing a part of Romantic Ukare Mode (originally sung by Mikitty)

OH! And Berryz!!! They have a new single. I only heard a part of it and it sounds interesting, but whoa! The girls have grown!!! Yurina is now 5'8" =O And apparently Saki is ever so slightly taller than Momoko. But they're still only 4'11". It's an interesting difference when watching them dance ^^

Alright that's enough from me for now ^_~


Hmm...I don't really listen to Morning Musume anymore, but since you mentioned they were having auditions, I got curious and went to watch it.

Personally, I was really disappointed with the last audition. It's not that I hate Koharu or anything (she was actually one of the ones I rooted for), but she couldn't sing too well in her audition and she didn't really strike me as anything special. There was also so much talent in the preliminaries that Tsunku just let slip by. I think Morning Musume needs more strong vocals, personally. I know that being an idol isn't all about voice, but I just think that if you are a singer, you should be able to sing competently. This audition, I didn't think was much better in terms of vocal ability. I think if I had to root for a couple of them, I would say Ayami and Minami (I thought Ayami had the best voice). Also, if they can get Sumire's voice up to par in the workshop, I think she has the kind of energy and cuteness that would fit in well with MM (she was really freaking adorable XD).

LOL, but I don't even listen to myself, after all, my favorite MM girl was always Konno Asami :D. I loved how she gave singing her all, even though she didn't have the greatest voice ^^;;;.
I kept more track of this audition than the last one and Koha is definitely not one of my faves XD I was hoping for a really good singer as well. One that sounded different. But Tsunku has these weird ideas LOL I actually haven't been really into Momusu for the past few singles although I still listened to them and know what's what. I will keep to my Berryz Love ^_~
I hope Tsunku makes a decent choice this time around (Koharu is a better voice actress than singer, if you ask me)

And I'll say what I've been saying - BRING BACK W!!!
I can't agree with you more! W IS LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neither of the girls in those videos really moved me. The first one's voice is still developing and/or she was nervous as apparent from her very stiff body language. She was also holding the mic too close and you can hear the impediment.

The second clip was a bit short, but I thought her voice had more promise. Still, too short to tell.

On a semi-related note, have you seen this clip of Bianca Ryan? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ozDh4NQveJs
She was the little darling of tv and youtube for a while. A voice like that on such a little girl is quite something.
Well, I never claimed they "moved" me...just that I think it shows they *can* sing compared to those who just love to bash them. The first one (Momoko) has a tiny voice...it's how she talks to. And strangely enough in Japan a lot of the singers put the mic right up against their mouths/lips. I haven't figured it out yet...The second one (Chisato) has a much bigger voice than I expected. And unfortunately she's a backup singer for the group she is in.

I went looking around after you posted that link and my only problem iwth Bianca is that she belts and I'm not overly found of singers like that. I call it the "Annie Syndrome" (cuz in every production of Annie that I've seen the lead belts out the songs with a big voice). I've never seen that show she was on before. Is it Canadian?
I'm pretty sure it's an American show. I think the closet thing we have up here is the Canadian version of Idol.

True, Bianca does tend to belt, but that's pretty much her style (in the gospel singer sort of way). I've seen her vids where she tries to sing other styles and it's not as good (still impressive for an 11 year old though).
I haven't kept up on the auditions! :_: Anytime I go to look for clips or pictures to see who they are the links are always broken or exceed bandwidth~ :_:

But yay for new members. Its sad how small MM is at the moment. xD;;
I can link ya up to some clips if you really want them LOL I just want a good performer!