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-megan* [entries|friends|calendar]
- - | want y0u t0 l0ve me - -

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Name:Megan McKinnley
I Am A: w0men
Likes: b0yz, teleph0ne, c0mputer, friends, & sh0pping
Dislikes:back stabbers, <3 breakers, liars, players,& cheaters
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Shew I am a simple girl, justj tryin find someone to love charish & be true to me, for as long as I want him*!!!
your song
iT hurTs tHe m0st
I can take the rain on the roof of this empty house, that don't bother me I can take a few tears now and then and just let them out I'm not afraid to cry Every once in a while even though goin on with you gone still upsets me There are days Every now and again i pretend i'm okay but that's not what gets me
What hurts the most, was being so close And having so much to say And watchin you walk away Never knowing, what could have been And not seein that lovin you Is what i was tryin to do
It's hard to deal with the pain of losing you everywhere i go But i'm doin it It's hard to force that smile when i see our old friends and i'm alone Still harder gettin up, gettin dressed, livin with this regret But i know if i could do it over I would trade, give away all the words that i saved in my heart that i left unspoken What hurts the most, is being so close And having so much to say And watchin you walk away Never knowing, what could have been And not seein that lovin you Is what i was tryin to do
What hurts the most, was being so close And having so much to say And watchin you walk away And never knowing, what could have been And not seein that lovin you Is what i was tryin to do
not seein that lovin you that’s what I was tryin to do…
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My Layout was made by xlayoutsforlove. Her Lay0uts T0tally R0ck! Y0u Sh0uld G0 There And J0in!!

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y0u made me l0ve y0u && y0u knew |t aLl al0ng [3/21/06 @ 7:13pm]
Well decide to update.....

My life is pretty much gone to hell. I have lost the only guy that really could even see my self with. He decided he wanted to be friends, but I dont know where I went wrong with this one, and i wish I knew I would go back && do anything that I did wrong over, But sad enough I cant!! I was starting to fall for him bad, But he dont/didnt see what I saw between us. My friends think I am crazy for being so love struck over him, but They dont see him the way I saw him. Everynight he told me how beautiful my eyes were && how he loved my eyes! I wish I could have him back more than anything. He has already moved on from me && went on to some other girl, I cry every time I see them together b/c I know that used to be me. Why !!! Why!! Why!! And all he could tell me is that i lied to him, he lied to me as well, Shew if he took me back I would never lie to him....

;; you want to know how i feel now?
i don't have to say it. .
it's in the way i walk with my head down
so | don't have to look at you in the halls ;;
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[3/6/06 @ 7:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

I can't promise you perfection,
Cause that is not who I am.
I can't promise you forever,
Cause I don't hold fate within my hands.
I can't promise you the sunshine,
Cause I know there will be rain.
I can't promise you complete happiness,
Cause with true love, there comes pain.
I can't promise to always smile,
Cause life always has a way to make me cry.
I can't promise to always stand strong,
Cause it's never easy to want to give life another try.

I know you're not perfection.
To me, you're so much more.
I know we may not have forever,
So I treasure every moment with you,
In case another one isn't in store.
Yes, I'd like the sunshine.
But I'll still stand with you through the rain.
Your happiness is my happiness,
So I'll do whatever I can do to ease your pain.
When I first say you smile, I fell in love at once.
And even deeper I fell, the first time I saw you cry.
It was at that moment I realized,
I wanted to protect you,
And always be the one to wipe the tears from your eyes.
I know that life is difficult,
And has given you more than fair share of pain and lies,
But that's why I will be your strength when yours fall broken,
And give you my wings to fly...

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[3/2/06 @ 8:13pm]
[ mood | curious ]

Figured I would give an update since I havent in forever and hell

♥-family i guess things are going good. I just got 2 rabbits mine is named Ruthey, and my brothers is names Wrinkel's.Yea I know it is pretty gay, but they are so adorable. Me && my mom talk alot more than we used to && i love that! i dont know what i would without my mom!!!

♥-friends well things are getting alot better I have to say!! I can't wait till summer. Hopefully I will have an even better one than last year.. dout that!!!

but I gotta go...update more later!!!

l0ve yahs muches!!!

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everytime i SEE tHAt SMiLE & tH0SE EYES & i REALiZE; i C A N N 0 t GEt 0VER tHiS 0NE [2/10/06 @ 11:30pm]
[ mood | need shoes ]

  • scho0l- well everything is going pertty good i guess. I hate coach kelly...he is about to recycle me for going 2 mphs over the speed limit..tell me how gay that is...but i guess he thinks its for my own good.And baker's claSs i hate it..I dont have any idea what we are doing i just follow what Shonna is doing and play sno0d..(thats an additive game) and bi0l0gy is easy and fun which some ppl might think that is gy but i like it!!!english i hope i am doing okay...   ;)
  • friends- well I am talkin to a bunch of old friends i hardly talked to /...But there are some (1) friend that things are changed but i guess that dont think they have..But things happen for a reason i guess...were good/bad!! I didnt do anything for her to be mad at me && do what she did, but I guess it dont bother her, i try for it not to let it bother me but she was my best friend & now she anit..
  • guys-well i dont really know were i stand at this topic...but It could be going pertty good if i could have someone...But I am going to prom, how exciting'!!! Jon Guntle asked me, I dont know him that well, but I hope that we get to know each other!!
  • family- well i anit gonna say to much here, no need to put out all my problems out in the open for everyone to read..my real friends know my problems....they come & go, get better & worse!! Life goes on   ;)
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[1/21/06 @ 9:44pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

q0utesCollapse )

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[1/20/06 @ 11:12pm]
[ mood | impressed ]




  • guys- well i really dont know about guys right now, i mean I do like some one but I dout that it will ever happen. B/c I heard that he is just trying to screw 10 ppl before he gets out of high school, but when we talked it was nothing like that at all.But who really knows about this dude, && he dont have a date to prom..he would be so awsome to go with,,....he is extremly hott!! There is some one else tho....I do like him, && as far as I know he does like me, but the only thing is that he has a g/f!! But I think it would be fun to hanging out with out && maybe go to prom but I dont wan to bring it up b/c he might think thats all I want him for, when it is nothing like that at all.** Hopefully  will get to prom & ride with my bF(best friend) Brooke, who is going with Hunter Adkins!!!
  • school-well everything is going fine i guess,but I know alresy that I will have to pick up my grades..Hopefully we will start driving soon in drivers eD!! & I hope I passed that Biology quiz we took today..I dont think i am doing so good in there, and I really need that class for what I want to do in the future!!
  • family- well i know things could be going alot better than they are at this moment, but hopefully this weekend I can get things thought would in my head, && phyically too!!! The worst part of it all is Evan, he gets on my nerves as bad it gets to the point i want to kill myself, but i cant hurt myself....out of luck...j/k
  • friends- couldnt be better i guess...nothing is wrong with anything that i know of...but I wish I could get closer to some of my friends, but I am always wishing for that so...oh welll



Gah I said like (hopefullY) like 1000000 times in that update. Well spent all after noon in the mall, and these guys came past me like 10000000000000 times to....they were cute but kinda stalky!! Well this is all the update you ppl are getting for now.I may update tomorrow, who knows!!!





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[1/7/06 @ 1:03am]

dec|de t0 update s|nce | have't |n a wh|le....Well thinggs have changes..I had so much fun over break it was unbelievable...but I guess it is good to be back && to see all my friends I haven't seen in a while...I got out of Mrs. Carico's class -thank god- , now I am in Mrs. BAker's word procseeing class && I dont understand anything at all!! But Iget Shonna to help me out with like everything I did the first day I was in thera and I have a feeling it will be like that for a while..yep I am perty sure it will be alot like that!!

But it does suck that I dont have lunch or any other classes with Brooke, so hopefully nexted year we will have all our classes together. I do have 3 classes with Candy tho, and have friends in every class i am in , so that kewl too!!!

Me && Chris might be start talking..yay i know we have been off && talkin for a while now.. but I really do like him && want to get to know him alot more than I do now....I hardly know anything about the boy,&& he is so nice , he talks so soft..But I have my eye on some one I think he likes me but i dont really know, but he did kiss me Thursday..so might go some where..the last time that hapened I got really disappointed, (hopefully it wont happen this time too) Over break I talk to my Trev HaMm...but he has a girl/friend so you know..And the 4th was his sweet 16..&& he didnt want it, cause he thinks he is getting to old!! She the boy is so crazy..Maybe that is why i like him so much!! Plus the fact that he is such a c0untry b0y && that is such aturn on for me!!


But I guess this is a good enuff update for now b|tches.......so eveyone better fuck|n c0mment on this update..b/c iuts all your getting for a l0ng ass time!!LAter..<33






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- m e - [12/3/05 @ 8:22pm]
[ mood | giddy ]

decide to update since I havent updated in awhile. My Thanksgiving was really good, I hung out with some other ppl (a b0y) over the break.. it was good. I really do like him, && I ask him if he liked me && he said that he did so thats great to0!! I really want to see "Walk The Line" ..Brooke has already seen the movie 2 times..and I really want to see it...But anways.........


  • school-1st-Bilogy-Cawood, 2ed- Drivers Ed- Smith, 3ed-English-Bradsaw, 4th-Nuriousn/Wellness
  • guys-I Do like someone, && they told me that he liked me,we do hang out && we talk..But than again I do really like Chris Oakes..me && him are kinda talkin I guess you could say it, but I dont know b/c we never hang out or anything along that line.. you know!!
  • family-things could be better&& I wish they would get better b/c Christmas it comin up && I dony want anyone to fight with each other.. I hope I get everthing that I want..I want a car..but I anit sure about that yet...



But I guess thats about it!! I love all you of you who dont talk about me..You should know who you are if I do like myou b/c I am perty open about if I do or dont like you!!! Love yah huns*





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[11/23/05 @ 5:27pm]
[ mood | flirty ]

If you had me alone locked up in your room for twenty-four hours and I had to do whatever you wanted me to, what would you do with me? Tell me using anonymous cause it's a secret, then repost this on your livejournal, you might be surprised in the reponses you'll get. They could make you laugh, smile, or even cry!!! Leave a hint of who you are..
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- y 0 u - [11/11/05 @ 5:36pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

well i decide to update since i havent in about forever and hell!!1 I can hear  Brooke screaming from like 3 rooms away and it is so freakin funny* Everything is going so good, and I passed all my classes tho the only bad grade I made was in  Geomerty and I made a D!! But other than that I did prety darn go0d!!!


I have a question for some guys & girls who may know the question to!! Okay say theree's this guy that you really like and You have already dated him && you still really like him more than anything in this world!!, Well he comes to you house and hangs out with you for a few hours, then when he leaves he goes to hug you, you kiss him on the check, and then he turns to kiss you on the lips so0, you kiss back. Then it turns out that he dont think that he could date/or through with it again.....Why do guys do this shit to girls when they know it will end up breakin their heart more than anything..And you know that its the way you feel about them!! I juts dont understand b/c this has happen to me and it is killin me and I cant stop cryin about this..&& I know it is so gay, but I just cant help but feel this way!!


If any has anything to helpme feel any better about all of this please comment and tell me what they can do..or call me b/c I never get on here anymore unless I am at Brookes!!

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- - ?? - - [10/14/05 @ 9:44pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

well i figured I would update since I havent updated in forever!! Sheww things with me anf "him" didnt go as good as I wanted them to..Actually we dont even talk anymore!! Its so sad b/c I really like him alot..I dont even think Brookes knows how much I like him, but she may!! But I am workin on finding someone new!! so hopefully it will work!!I am going to thr corn maz3-tomar night w/ some ppl...hopen to see some one..Gonna call their friend to see if is goiing!!

Well we lost to Clintwood in Volley-ball....we arent as good as we was last year and that relly sucks so freakin bad you just dont even know!! But hopefully J.J. Kelly or Gate City looses but I dout that it will ever happen..But now I juts dont car...ppl on the team think they are so much better that even one else!! And that really buggs me!!

I AM 16!! MondaY was my bIrthday..*yay*It dont really feel no different!!

If you had me alone locked up in your room for twenty-four hours and I had to do whatever you wanted me to... what would you do with me? Tell me using anonymous cause it's a secret, then repost this on your livejournal, you might be surprised in the reponses you'll get. They could make you laugh, smile, or even cry!!! Leave a hint of who you are..

lEave em`

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--y0u-- [9/6/05 @ 9:01pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

I figured I would update since I havent forever && a day!! Well hell I hate fuckin High School more than anything in this world..People just start alot of rumors about a bunch of shit..And why do people listen to that stupied shit!! Just thought I would get that cleared up yah know!!



  • fr|ends- do0nt kn0w what | w0uld d0 w|th 0ut them. They are s0 aws0me.But n0t w|th s0me b/c they just talk  beh|nd my back, b/c they d0nt have the balls t0 say s0meth|ng t0 my face!! But y0u kn0w wh0 y0u are..Please talk to me ab0ut |t d0nt get y0ur fr|ends
  • sp0rts-we are 2-0..We play castlewo0d t0mar, then gate c|ty..I w|ll s0 cry |f we l0se. But we need t0 st0p goof|ng 0ff and we m|ght actually have a chance...s0 | h0pe we |npr0ve al0t..here so0n
  • guys- | d0 say | l|ke s0me0ne, but | kn0w |t w0nt w0rk b/c | had s0me0ne talk t0 h|m f0r me..th0 | really w|sh he w0uld!!Thats all there
  • fam|ly-th|ngs are going great here/!!!
  • scho0l-| am fa|l|n ge0metry..I am really tru|ng t0 br|ng |t up/..| d0nt want t0 have t0 st0p play|ng v0lley-ball..| start every game!! s0me b0dy m|ght be c0m|n t0 my game t0mar!! yay*


leave em'

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update niggas [8/23/05 @ 10:13pm]
[ mood | busy ]

 Well figured I should upate..I made the volleyball team..But there was reAlly no dout about that,..so0 And I am # 13 *yay* just like last year!! I hope we get to make is to the top like we did last year..I would be so freakin awsome to keep our title.* I love all the girls on that team..execally my bf[best-friend] Brooke Mullins!1 love yah darlin!!


  • school- it is going so great..I Like all my classes..I love my fourth block I got ppl in there that i can actually talk to ..And my first block brookey is in there so that makes that class good!! I hope this year goes over smooth like my freshman year did..that went by so freakin fast!!But I am glad Brookes back to be here with me..!! WE get our year books friday hopefully/..I cant wait to see all our lost seniors..I miss them all more than anything in this world ..I really do..YOu know the ones i miss...you know who you are guys!!



  • guys-well there is someone that i do like. But I dont think that they feel the same way about me..I guess I could just ask them and I really dont know why I just dont ask them ..I am such a chicken when it comes down to askin guys if they like me..The only person who really knows who that one person is , is Brooke...WEll thats b/c I tell her freakin everything..It just comes natural I know I can trust her with some stuff....Gah he wasnt an ass for once[talkin about someone else] he talked to me at the game..tho it wasnt till the freakin end of it..Oh well theres always nexted week to do that!!




  • friends-couldnt ask for any better set of people to be around. I havent really seen much of my friends since school started tho i wish i could have!! Brooke & me have been togther like every-freakin-day [no complanits] i love her to death!! she is a little turd...well really she is like a really big one..but thats can be okay for now!! We rock that volley-ball court darlin`....alomg w/ some more..but very few ladies!!




  • family- things are going great...Usually i just come and go as I please!! and thats good i guess I would never ask for a better one I love my family with all my heart and then some!!! I havent seen alot of them in a long time..I hope I get to see them soon!!




  • sports- great!! we had a our first scrimmage tonight and we did really good...I mean we need alot more work b/c we have some new ppl on the team this year!! I Love you girls* I hope you go far in anything you do!!!









I really liek this guy..But it seems to me like he only wants to be around me when he is tryin to make this girl mad that he was talkin to, but i mean i do like him and his friends think that he likes me..hopefully they are right...what should I do/??
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--"him"-- [8/7/05 @ 5:20pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

well its about time for an update ..the summer is like offical over for me!! school starts in like 4/5 days!! here is my memories of the summer of 05' some may not be in here but i just but the best ones!! <33 you brooke mullins [[ the bestfriend anyone could ask for!!]] I LOVE YOU ASH MULLINS!! <33



mem0ries of sumMer 05'Collapse )

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Summer is almost over.. =( [8/1/05 @ 10:41pm]
[ mood | loved ]

Just thought it was about time for an update..ppl has been wantin me to update for along time now and they couldnt wait till then end of the summer...So here is the updat....



Well my life has been going perty good..Cant wait till friday b/c I am going to rrdays to see Trev.. [[cant wait]] then probally sunday i will be going up his house...hopefully everything will work out like it was planned and i will get to go up there..***


  • Being happy doesn't mean everything is perfect..It means that you have decide to look beyond the imperfections.



  • The only one for me is the only one I can never have!!<33 [[tLh]]
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-*23.o9.14*- [7/14/05 @ 7:23pm]

WEll i thought I would updaet since its been in along while...Things this week have been so freakin awsome.YOu know what I m talk about Brooke and Becka.* Can was gonna come bye with Lance today but I couldn't wait for them so i just  over to Becka's*Here are some qoutes that i liked.*


  • A best friend is someone who will hump your brother just to win a $10 bet for you-!!


  • In every girls life there is one guy she will never  forget and the summer it all began..-*
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-2o.12.8- [7/7/05 @ 1:57am]
[ mood | ditzy ]

Well i figured i would update since i havent in forever in hell.*Me and Brooke had alot of fun in 6 flags but we didnt even know what the name to our favored ride was...hah but i liked tornado thing perty well tho.*here are some quotes that i liked*.....-7.7.5-

qu0tesCollapse )

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- - 13 - - [6/24/05 @ 10:27pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

deside to udate i would put everything thing that i have done but i dont want to type that much..go look at Brookes journal to see..*

6o things y0u pr0bally didnt kn0w ab0ut  meCollapse )

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-2o.4.2- [6/20/05 @ 6:19pm]
[ mood | awake ]

just thought I would update..here is a survey and some poems I thought were so cute.*...-2o.4.2-....Collapse )

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[6/14/05 @ 6:49pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

..>m0re p|ctures<..Collapse )

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