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Mary-Kate Olsen

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____you dont have a clue. [23 Jun 2004|08:52pm]
[ mood | crappy ]

anorexia nervosa, is what I'm told I am suffering from.

Funny, I still don't feel like I have a problem. I control what I eat, so does everyone. :sighs: I don't have a problem though. No one listens, all the therapists tell me it is denial. some help they are. If they'd listen to how I feel, How I think, they'd see- I'm ok.

I miss Ashley. I haven't talked to her since i was checked in this hell hole. She posted on here I see, I asked her to. So you all would know the truth, and not just believe rumors.

Some say I was checked into Promises, which is a drug rehab in Malibu. Not true, I do not, have any drug or alcohol, or eating disorder problems.

This is so stupid. i'm so angry. im so fusturated. i want to be home.

im done with this entry. ill update more later, if i can.


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_________________ [22 Jun 2004|05:01pm]
This is Ashley.

I told MK i would write something in here for her, so you all know what is going on.

You may have already heard. Mary-Kate has entered a treatment facility. I will not say which one, or the exact reason why.

She will spend a month there. They do have computers, and phones, it is not a jail but, she most likely won't be on that much.

Try not to believe all of the rumors, I'm sure she will explain it all to everyone once she is home.


Ashley x0
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hate__it's a strong word. & i mean it all. [22 Jun 2004|10:02am]
[ mood | cranky ]

life has this silly way of keeping you on the edge of your toes.

I have a couple rants I’d like to go on today. So here I go… No more fucking pretending, no more lies…I’m giving you the real Mary Kate.

Yes, I curse, I’m not miss perfect Mary Kate Olsen. I have problems, Ashley and I fight, I hate myself at times, just like every other God damn person. I drink, I go to parties, so does every other 18 year old. I hate my step-mom.

I hate that I can't even breathe without someone watching me. I can't even go to church without someone asking for my damn autograph. What's the point in having it? All it is, is my name signed on a piece of paper. If you ask me...it's stupid! I hate the damn media. Always exposing me, or what the believe is me. I honestly can't take it! I know it's part of the job, i've been doing this my whole life, just get your facts straight.

I hate Dave. I hate him. I hate what he does to me. I go crawling back and I don’t know why. I say I hate him, & I know he is an asshole for everything he has put me through. Then he calls, He begs me to forgive him, He tells me he loves me, he'd die for me, and all of that bullshit and I’m right back at his side. I hate myself for trusting him.

:sighs: What is wrong with me? There are millions of guys out there, why the hell would I allow someone to hurt me over and over and fucking over again. Someone to just use me. What the hell is wrong with me?

:pausing to wipe her tears she sighs.: Here I am going of on a tantrum. I apologize in advance. Don’t pity me. I don’t want it.

where is my best friend? I could really use her right now.

Not who you thought I was. :shrugs: Sorry?

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you say it's your birthday________ [13 Jun 2004|10:02am]
Nana na na na! It's my birthday toooo.:laughs: I'm sucha nerd!

It's ten o'clock and I just woke up. I'm legal boyssss! :winks:

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Graduate...Mk____ [12 Jun 2004|02:45pm]
[ mood | happy n' pissed ]

Humming the graduation march.

Yes, I, Mary-Kate Olsen, along with my sister Ashley Fuller Olsen, am a high school graduate. As of Friday. It was so amazing & boring at the same time.

:Smiles small: Not only was my mom, dad, step-mom, and brothers and sisters their, but my full house family was their too! I saw bob, or daddy bob [what ash and I call him], it brought tears to my eyes. I'm one lucky girl no matter how much shit I deal with. I have so many people who love me, and a bunch of guys who hurt me. :rolls her eyes.:

Graduation was supposed to be on the seventh but, they postponed it because of some electrical problem. It was really nice though, long, because their were so many kids in my grade but, very nice. It was in the school gym and it was all decorated in blue and gold...those are our school colors.

So i had to of course wear a goofy graduation cap! :laughs: it actually looked cute. :winks:

Someone very unexpected showed up. Someone who I wished wasn't their but at the same time was more than happy, was. :sighs: Dave came. I don't know what to do with this kid. One minute we want to get married the next he's cheating on me! It is more than frustrating it's making me crazy! I didn’t talk to him at the ceremony.

Ashley and I went back home after the ceremony to celebrate with the famile[s]. There were a lot of stories about "I remember when you were this small...and you ran around in diapers." and the usual comment of, "Oh! Girls, you've gotten so big!" :laughs: it was cute.

My sister, Lizzie, made Ashley and i, World's best sisters! bracelets. Trent, got us Spa gift certificates! :grins: my favorite. My mom got us these necklaces, they are turquoise. :Smiles: i love turquoise. & Dad gave us money, which is great because my dad never knows what Ash and i want. We received a lot more but, I don't feel like typing it all.

Later on, we both got changed and went out with all of our friends from school. Their were a bunch of parties, it was great. We had so much fun, I honestly am going to miss these people. I hope we keep in touch.

Around maybe 12:30-1 in the morning, Ash and I were sitting at this kid, Mike’s house, everyone was upstairs and Dave called my cell. I answered it and he basically told me congratulations, that he was proud, that he loved me. I started bawling my eyes out. He constantly does this to me. Hurt me and apologies and say how incredibly sorry he is…Its killing me. It hurts me so much. & I don’t know what to do anymore. Ash flipped out hanging up the phone, and well…He has called few times this morning. I just- I didn’t answer.

:pauses: Tomorrow is my birthday, and for some reason, I’m no longer excited. I’m out though, I’ve got to go shopping with Ashley. I’ll talk to you all later.



Ashley & I graduationCollapse )

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PICTUREE TIME!____ [09 Jun 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

me & my bestest friendsCollapse )

the accidentCollapse )

the full house family, minus 2Collapse )

xxxx- MK

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4 days!____ [08 Jun 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Just a few notes.

1- Four days til I'm legal. Woot woot! I know it's an exciting day for all those sick-ass 40 year old perves! ...is that even how you spell perve? ahh whatever.

2- I am thinking about getting a new layout, if anyone would like to make one...I'd be forever thankful. Don't get me wrong the one jen made is amazing just need a change, ya know?

3- I'm a lot crazier than you really know. :smirks:

4- How do you undercut? so i can put it my lovely accident pictures. :rolls my eyes.:

5- I'm still pissed at Ashley. She still hasn't gotten one of these! grr!

6- Mr.JT is a good guy. As you heard, we hung out yesterday night. Went to the beach it was nice, & that bike is amazingggg. :laughs: he's on his way over so ill talk to you soon.


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Just a bunch of ramblings!____ [07 Jun 2004|09:35pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I don't have too much time. Just wanted to let you all know what the hells going on with me.

As of June seventh, Dave & I said goodbye for good. He's a scumbag. Let's just leave it at that.

I can't wait for my birthday! :laughs: I'm too excited. I can't believe I'll be eighteen. I feel so much older & younger at the same time...if that's possible?

Rachel is the bestest friend everrr.

I'm going to go to the beach in a few with Justin. :laughs: On his harley. Nervous? of course! I've never been on one before! :nods:

Hm, so my parents asked what I wanted for my birthday. Honestly... nothing. Well, I don't need anything, of course I <33 gifts, I just feel bad when people give them to me. Does this make me weird?

I'm happy about Dave & I. Really. I need some new blood. :laughs:

Hm, I really wish my damn sister would get one of these. She needs too, it's kind of hard to keep in touch with her.

Oh, those rumors that I crashed my car...they're true. :bites buttom lip: I know. Bad...right? I was trying to keep it a secret...didn't work though. It's ok, I can get the car fixed & thank the lord no one was hurt! I'll put pictures up soon.

That's about it! Justin's here...is it ok to wear a miniskirt on a bike? :shrugs: ahh who cares!

x0. Mk

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The countdown!______ [06 Jun 2004|06:53pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

The countdown to every sick grown mans fantasy is now on! :laughing: yes, Ashley & my birthday a week from now. ;] woot woot!

Well i want a small kind of private little party...more of a gathering. Mostly just close friends and family...Ashley's leaning toward a huge Hollywood thing, but-whatever.

So my agent called me-You know how Ashley & I were on SNL...well The ratings, they were amazing. well, better than amazing. :grins: they were the highest that snl has had in the last four years. I personally think it's crazy! flattering-yes. But crazy.

So Dave brought me my birthday present early. :smiles: mainly because he said it was a gift to combine three things. Graduation, my birthday, & us. I haven't seen it yet but, supposedly its amazing.

Rachelle Jade!- We need to get together soon. I haven't like talked to you in forever. :laughs: withdrawel over herre!

Hm- I've been in a funk for the past couple weeks so I am sorry for not updating more. I have to run now, I still didn't buy Ashley's gift... any ideas?...

talk to you later. promise.


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its crazy. [01 Jun 2004|08:58pm]
my life is crazy. i'm beginning to think i'm crazy. Rachel i need to talk to ya. :sighs:
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i wanna get _____married. [19 May 2004|08:17pm]
dave and i wanna get married.
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Dk + Mko____<3 [18 May 2004|06:17pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

:smiling.: i'd just like to say how extremelyyyy happy i am. i mean really.

:laughs: dave and i had so much fun last night. we wen't on this cruise on the harbor. and had dinner and it was just, well :grins: perfect.

:sighs: i do have the worst blister on my heel from my neww jimmy choo's i brought. girls, they're to die for.

OH MY GOD! sorry, im in such a good mood though.

so dave like spilt his heart out to me last night. and i did as well. and i- well- i have a little secret :laughs: but, i can't tell anyone just yet. well- i can tell rachel of course.

i gotta run though. time for dinner. guysss- call my house line :sighs: my cell is broken. :grrrr: its oxinocentlovexo don't worry i'll pick up!


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i heart rachel bilson_______<3 [17 May 2004|06:31pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

lol- sorry rach but, i do. you really rock.

ok ya'll i guess i owe you an explanation of why i didn't think i made the right decision about dave.

dave and i, well we we're dating for about a year. and i well, love/d him. dave is a great guy. really. he well- i dont know how to explain it but- he just knows what to do. :smiles small:

Jena. she was one of my best friends. :laughs: and one day. i walk into her room to see her and dave..well- you can guess what.so i broke up with him naturally. and for three weeks i was single. and pretty lonely. :sighs: aparently so was he.

last night i get a call around nine. it was him and he said he wanted to talk. so i said ok and we went out for a late dinner/snackyy kind of thing. :smiles small: he brought me to my favvvvvvvorite resturant. and he told me he was sorry. and how much he loved me. he gave me this whole long talk. and i believe him.

so we are officaly dating again. i mean- i dont trust him. id be crazy to trust him, its gonna take time. its gonna be hard but i honestly think hes sorry and we can work through this.

rachel was so sweet though she said it how it is and helped me out a lot. thanks again hon. partyy soon! :laughs: i promise.

:bites down on bottom lip: gotta go. dave's here.

<3 ya'll - MK

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i believed every single lie you said. [17 May 2004|04:32pm]
[ mood | curious ]

:bites down on bottom lip.:

dave and i are dating again. i- im not sure if this was the best idea. i mean, the guy did cheat on me.

:sighs: rachel call me later. i need your adviceeee.

everyone- i promise ill explain everything in detail later.

<3 MK

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live from New York...! [16 May 2004|01:06am]
[ mood | hyper ]

hey ya'll so ashley and i are home changing real quick before we're off to the after party for the prom.

We did SNL tonight. it was so much fun! i loved it. we even made fun of the lovely rumors still circulating. Eating disorders [ "Eat A Sandwhich!"].

:laughs: Rachel asked me today about the rumors. they were on the covers of tabloids again. ok one more time. no i am not bulimic or anorexic. and ash and i are crazy partiers!

im off though. gotta touch up my makeup!

kisses- Mk

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[12 May 2004|10:43pm]
So, what have i been up to?. well stressing a lot.

this summer, i'm moving to new york. im going to NYU in the fall. and yes so is ashley. i hate how people think thats so weird. i mean helloo. shes my twin. we have done everything together since the moment we were born.

NYU. its been my dream since i was like seven. i was so happy when i got the acceptance letter. i'm not too sure what i'm going to major in though.

Schools coming to an end. the movies out. its doing quite well actually. :smiles: i'm very happy.

hello to all the new people who have gotten a journal. ill make the effort to talk to yall soon.

so a lot of people lately have been asking me what happened to my boyfriend. to make it simple, and so that everyone stops asking. he cheated on me. :sighs: end of the subject. dont bring it up. thanks

im really tiered right now. id love to keep updating but. i promise ill update more later.
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just another day...? [10 May 2004|04:44pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

i always get annoyed at mothers day. dont get me wrong. i loveee my mom with my heart. im so happy for my mom on mothers day. its my stepmom im not...eekk thats rough but, i just. i dont know how to explain it. maybe im selfish in the sense i feel left out. :bites on bottom lip: yall are gonna think ima bitch now.

well ashley, liz, trent, and i took mom out. we brought her to breakfast and her favorite resturant, its called...blue moon-blue st- oh jeeze i dont know! :laughs: some resturant for breakfast and then we took her over to the beach where we all hung out, for lunch lizzie made a picnic. we gave mom her gifts. she was crying. it was cute. trent made a tent and we all slept in it. it felt good to be with just our family. ive missed it.

ugh. this morning though, my dad made us all give our stepmom gifts. :i shake my head: i hate her!

i gotta run. ash and i have more promo. call me tonight.


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So no one told you life was gonna be this way [08 May 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | blah ]

-singing-your jobs a joke your broke. your love lifes...DOA. its like your always stuck in second gear. and when it hasnt been your day your week or even your year...but ill be there for youuuu when the rain starts to pour. ill be there for youuu like ive been there before. ill be there for youu cause your there for me toooo..

-sighs- yeh ya'll friends ended. its sad. i was bawling my eyes out. i even went and rented The Best of Friends, volume three. :laughs: i cant get enough of it.

ive been really busy lately. i had the premire of nym last night. it went good. im very happy. then i went out with ashley after. met up with a couple friends from school.

ive been quite bored lately though. i was thinking i may have a party, that way i can get to know everyone better. what do ya'll think?

Jen-call me about the layout. and to get together girl!
Shakira- thanks for all the icons hon.

well i'm off. call me ya'll [alluringMk]

-mary kate

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do this? [06 May 2004|04:13pm]
[ mood | bored ]

hey guys do this. for me becauseeee you <3 me!

Read more...Collapse )

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pretty journal? [05 May 2004|11:47pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i want a pretty journal anyone know how to? por favor???

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