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Happy July, all.

In honor of me having a few minutes of spare time (made possible because I have to wait for something in the lab), I would like to share something fun.

Several months ago(In December, when I took a few days off), I took a silly online test from OK Cupid. I did not create a profile, rather I took a single test and then when harassed via email, I answered a few 'test' questions rather than delete my account. Though I clicked the 'Just looking for friends' box, I ended up getting 'matched' with possible 'eligible singles' and the site regularly sends me blurbs of the user profiles. Annoying? Hardly. I am reminded just how wonderful the other half of Martam is and how lucky I am to be with him.

For the first time, unedited, here are some gems I've read:

"Well, I'm not very good at meeting people in real life so this might be a good idea."

Uh, huh.

"I am completely a dog person, and will have another one soon."

Sounds a bit painful.

"But! I promise I'm one of the good geeks, who have some social skills..."

Sounds like a real catch !eleventy one!

"I like to describe myself as very unique."

Very redundant much?

"I am not very good at writing in these little summary things..."

Honesty never hurt, but does that much of it really belong in a dating profile?

"Im 22 Im currently single I just gotta outta a 2 year with my ex girlfriend so im here to meet new people enjoy new things not really much to do where im from that why i decided to give this site a try and maybe meet someone i can ..."

Punctuation is no longer rationed. Ditto for capitalizing 'i'.

"I am a guy, so inherently, I guess Im an asshole... "

Be still, my beating heart. An asshole who doesn't like apostrophes.

"You will be chained in a garage and released into the great outdoors on a bi-weekly basis to combat snowstorms..."

I thought there were laws against that?

"I have a kitten and she is my world :)"

Oh! Someone sensible. Naturally, dude lives far, far away and is several years younger than me.

"Second, despite what the awards say on my profile, I am romantic."

Really? You want to draw attention to that?

Thats the dating world, folks. There but for the grace of bob go I.

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Cursing a different piece of equipment.

Hating my bimonthy conference calls. Hating them less.

Inching toward decent results. Its like stumbling up a mountain, then looking up the slope and being finally being able to see the summit. The paths are not marked, there are a lot of rocks, and there is no guide that has climbed it before.

Also, I'm proud of myself for managing to set up an RSS feed to update my searches for patents and articles.

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Alive. *waves*

May be going to BC in June. Really.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I look back on my research approach a year ago, and laugh and say 'What was I thinking'.

When the prof who thinks I'm a dingbat (TPWTIAD) said, "you'll look back at the end and think, if I knew then what I know know, I could have this done in 3 months...", he was right.

I am also cursing the fluorescence microscopy.

I curse the patent research.

60 odd days until the next Charlaine Harris book comes out. (may be the second last in the series).


Happy first day of school. So far so good. Research is progressing. I have 2 classes and seminar, and possible/probable TA duties.

I'll miss the other half of martam.

It's been a while..

Alive and well. Working on my thesis. I have a lab assistant, which is surprisingly not scary. I have accrued very few fines for library books, have unpacked my summer clothing, and had a good time at the conference. I've been reading, taking more walks (and walking to school instead of taking the bus). I've even lost a little bit of weight, which I didn't plan on, but don't mind.

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Another update:

I went back to my previous journal posts. I remember feeling so crushed that I wasn't going to TO for the radiation therapy degree. I cried when I realized I had missed the deadline to apply for 3 year technical degrees (diagnostic cytology). I thought I'd be stuck at the dairy forever. I thought I'd be paying for grad school by myself. I thought I'd need loans.

I remember being scared when my supervisor said I might have a summer student. A prof recently offered me a months worth of his summer student's project time. And I have ideas as to what I want to foist off on them. I'm getting surprisingly comfortable here.