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IW Spring collection

I think I should start writing in my LJ again, in addition to my blog, and I happen to be in a mood for blogging today XD

I received the weekly IW newsletter yesterday, and this week the Gateaux bag will be released. I didn't see anything like that on the recent Kera issue, so I'm quite curious as to what it would look like.

EDIT: It's up on IW's site. It's not exactly my type so I'm saving money for a Meta bag.

The concept certainly sounds more like something a sweet brand would make, but I'm excited to see it anyway :D IW new collection look very sweet to me and it seems that their color for spring 2012 is mint. I think mint is way more sweet than classic. Their upcoming Alanson dress also comes in a mint x brown colorway. I like the Alanson print but it makes me think of a monochrome version of Lauretta Rose, which I already had, so I probably would pass on this one. On another note, I'm keeping an eye on the upcoming Meta bags. They look really nice from the Kera scan :D
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