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Yatto he announced it ^_^

Ah, finally Takashi announced the play he told me about in Osaka XDDD
Title is: Michiwo Kakeru
「ミ チ ヲ カ ケ ル」

I'm happy. Seeing this I will probably change a little my plans, if I can't find a sponsor (and I doubt I will) I will go back to Italy at mid May and will be back on June to see his play.
I promised him I would go to see it after all, and I will and not only me but I will drag anyone I know there...
Or I can see if I can turn my visa in a turist visa for 21 or so days so I can remain all the way.
I'm so happy for him!
Omedetou Takashi, this might be the last thing I will see of you for quite a while but I'm sure you did a great job^^

Edit: *dead* Now I get why when I told him my friends and me would rent a small theatre of 100, 120 seats only and added that it was small she said "it's more than enough!!".
The place he rented can contain around the same number XDDD I will congratulate a lot on the 14th.

Btw I was serious. I will drag anyone I know to this show so, Tokyo living people, I call you XP
It's his first play, the first scenario he plan and wrote. I want for as many people as possible to see it.
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He is really a special person (yeah you know who XD)

So today I went to see Takashi, tomorrow I'm leaving for Rome so I wanted to say bye bye first.
Apparently I was extra lucky because when he saw us waiting he said "wait a sec" then made a phone call and when he finished he said "today I have time to talk a lot!"
Which made all of us like "eeh?" and panic because we didn't know what to say.
Apparently the others told me that it was the first time ever that he stayed that much...we all were extra super lucky I guess XD

Also, everyone wanted to go alone which panicked me at the beginning but...well, in the end it was nice XDDD I think we stayed almost 20 mins talking XDDD
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I just needed to let it out this time. I adore this man.
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Misha and Sasha

Still in Osaka

But leaving for Italy on the 20th (return in japan hopefully on the 10th of April)

Yesterday I saw Takashi...he was adorable..he asked me about the earthquake and we talked about that but since I'm still very sensitive about this subject...well I didn't cry but I was almost crying.
I apologized with him because the chat became suddenly sad but he said "No it's ok, I want for you to talk about it, take it all out, you'll feel better after"
I was so grateful. He is really a lovely person.
He had his eyes red too...he said he doesn't follow a lot the tv and I said it was better like that and that I was happy he was far from Tokyo when it happened.
He was keeping my hand for all the time, and then we talked about how much we were worried right after that because we couldn't contact anybody. He said all the people he knows were fine.
I'm going again tomorrow maybe. He was so nice as always...but tomorrow I want to put a smile. I want to tell him I will see him on April and I want to say something nice and happy.

This is the only joy I have at the moment.

The school I was working for might have fired me, and probably is also closing because all the teachers are already back to Italy.
Which means my visa in really precarious. I will try to look for a job and will ask for an extension of 3 months (anyone knows if they can really give it?) so I can stay in Japan at least until September.
Japan is in a terrible situation...every time I watch the tv I cry.

So, today to scream my sadness, frustration I went to karaoke. I recorded some songs, but only one I want to share now because..this is the song put always on tv when they read the cheering messages, the encouraging words of all japanese people to those in Iwate and in the other zones where the tsunami took away everything.
It was also interesting because I used a double thing on the machine on karaoke and I could do two voices like the song was originally.

Please, listen to it, it's really really a touching song that I want to dedicate to japanese people. It's not much, I have no money to give, all my tears and my voice for this time.
I had only 4 hours to learn it because I heard it for the first time yesterday night, sorry if someone
I appreciate also comments if you liked it or hated it. Btw this song is really hard...the jumps of one full octave are tiring... >_<

Jupiter by me

Translation is here:


Every day I listen to my heart
I am not alone
We are all connected deep within our hearts
the shining stars that overcome endless time
teach me of the miracle of our meeting.

Every day I listen to my heart
I am not alone
held to the breast of this sky.

What can I do with these two hands?
Made to touch pain, I softly close my eyes.
What's sadder than to lose your dreams
is to be unable to believe in yourself.

If loneliness is to make us learn love
then nothing happens without a reason.

Open your ears to the silence of your heart.

If you call me, I'll go anywhere,
turn your tears into mine.

Now I hold myself and
feel the warmth of life.

None of us are alone
we're always loved as-is.
Being able to live as you wish, a shining future:
I will always sing of these things for you.

The 25th and the 26th of December...

Were two lovely days.
On the 25th I went to see a play by a group of actors and performers called Kitty Guys, I went there because Nagayan was a guest but I didn't expect to have that much fun.
I cried while laughing, it was so so so so funny. If it weren't for the price I would got to their play more often... even if I do stand out too much >_< Too too too much...it's kind of embarrassing.

On the 26th I had Nagayan's event.
I...I don't think people are interested in the actual event since I doubt I have Nagayan's fans on my flist but...it was priceless.
And the cherry on top was Tamacchi (Nagayan's manager who is probably something around 50 years old) singing and doing the perfect choreography of AKB48 Heavy Rotation.
With Nagayan who on the opposite, knew only the central part and kept watching Tamacchi goin crazy singing and dancing on the stage...remind for the future:never give Tamacchi a microphone XDDD

Best ever, Takashi pointing at himself and saying : "ok wait, I'm the weird one and he is the normal???" because he didn't actually know a lot of the song or the dance behind (he gets 100000000000000000000000000 points from me, a man who is absolutely uninterested in AKB48, he is to treasure)
Some personal things happened too on that event and I was left confused more than ever (not bad things, on the opposite I think they can be considered really good things...), but since it's quite personal I won't talk about it in public. I feel a little unconfortable, gomen...still it was a great great great event. I'm really sad that there are no Nagayan's fans on my flist, you all should become his fans, he is a great person and sure loves people...(alright, biased promotion, sorry)
I will never forget this event and frankly I'm having hard time now because I don't know when he'll have another event or play (except for the one in Osaka but that's too too far and expensive for me)
Also, drunk Nagayan? I'm all for it from now on XD the best line will probably be "Yeah, it's good to hug a girl, girls are so soft"
After the event I went to a small party with some American friends, I had fun there too XDD It was a big full day, loved every minute of it. EVERY
And yes at the event it did help that the lottery put me in the seat of the table right in front of the stage (my bag was on the stage) in the middle where he stayed for the 99% of time.
I was surprised he didn't go around much, last time he went around so much between the tables, this time he was always always there...oh, no complains from me^^;;

Sorry, it was long and probably boring...gomen.
But I do, really really really care for that man.

...just a smaaaall thing

I just realized that since nayama is not here this time I'm going to be probably the only foreigner at Nagayan's FC event.
Ok I should not be worried because he said it by himself few months ago that I'm a japanese at heart and well, gaijin or not I don't think it makes a lot of difference, I know a lot of people in his FC and even the ones I don't know personally when we look at each others bow at me but still, knowing this makes me a little nervous.
I don't get why, I mean I always do demachi with the other girls and it's fine but this time...I don't know. Not to mention that I need to lose at least 2,3 kgs preferably not on my face. I realized I want to weight 47kgs. Need to work on that.

For the FC event, I'm not going to sing, no matter what, at that karaoke taikai, I know I'm losing a chance but I'm too afraid to be nervous and sing something wrong.
Any case, it's nice to know that I can see him once again before the year finishes. God knows when I'll be able to see him again. I need to work to be on the same stage, not on his FC event so I might decide to avoid future FC events, can't be sure though, I mean it's hard to not see him for so long. But I'm definitely going to skip the ochakai if he'll ever do it again because...well because when we talk we talk way more than 3 minutes usually so I think it's pretty pointless to go there XD

Ok rambling is over, need still to decide what to put. If I manage to lose two kgs I can try the shorts...it's not that I can't put them now, I can, but I would like to lose more because I think they would look even better on me if I lose those 2 kgs...
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