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Misha and Sasha

Nana ...Nana.....and again NANA!!!!

Yup yup ureshii!!! It's confirmed the second movie for Nana but not only!!!
They decided to air a drama (yup Nana drama!!!) and an anime!!!!
Yuppieee so Nana X 3!^_^
The thing is that it seems that for the drama the actors won't be the same of the movie...there are already names going around..anyway I can't wait for that!^_^

EDIT: Bleach chapter 200 Collapse )
Misha and Sasha

Parakiss 01 and Nana drama^_^

Eheheh I'm quite satisfied to find out that, instead of another Nana movie, they decided to make a Nana drama^__^
I can't wait for that!!!
I hope they'll keep some of the actors of the movie ^^ (for example the two Nanas and Nobu^^) for the others..I won't complain if they change them^^
I didn't ike them a lot and I DEMAND that they change Shin's actor...I want a young handsome actor, not someone who looks 30 years old when my Shin should be the youngest among them.

Second..I'm currently watching Paradise Kiss episode 1....
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In conclusion, I'll give it a try watching some other episodes just to see how the story will proceed after the first episode but I'm quite disappointed