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Misha and Sasha

I swear....

If I see other posts about ep 25 and 26 of Ouran on Ouran related communities I will kill someone ^^;;
I've already had my annoyed moment reading all those "let's talk about ep 25" posts, but then, I guess the worst part is the posts right after downloading the ep where people comment and you read them and expect the worst when in the end if you just watch the ep everything makes sense..
I wonder how many of them actually UNDERSTAND japanese enough to form ideas over it (it reminds me of one episode of KKM^^;;)
I just hope it won't happen also for ep 26...or I might get really annoyed.
In anycase I might write the summary for ep 26 raw when I put my hands on it, but are people interested here if I write the summary of ep 26? (I might write only my comments like last time^^;;)
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