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*_* Yeah I did it too^__^

And from today 01/10/2006,

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What does it mean?
It means that my personal life, plus a lot of my fandom rants will be locked, away from stalkers.
Reviews of anime, manga, drama, events, musicals, news and only occasionally fandom talk will be left public.
Translations too will be left publics.
If you want to read my real life leave a comment explaining why and I'll add you^^
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Lo ho fatto anche io, sorry.
Questo journal é diventato semi friend-only, tutte le reviews di anime, manga, j drama, traduzioni etc etc saranno ancora pubbliche quindi non ci dovrebbero essere gravi perdite^^
Se volete addarmi per leggere il resto, lasciatemi un commento spiegando perchè^^

P.S. For my friendlist, don't worry! I'm still keeping you all ♥♥♥ (well if you want it of course^^)

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Ask me a question here, it's anonymous^^

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Misha and Sasha

It's been again so long...

I actually don't check lj anymore however as it's been very long since I wrote here I thought it would be nice to write some updates in my life.
Have you ever watched Bridget Jones diary?
Quoting "It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces"
That's the most appropriated line ever, about my life.

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It is too much to hope for I guess, but it doesn't hurt to ask...right?
Misha and Sasha


"It's ok if you didn't make it on time to see the play, just seeing your face is enough"
Yes Nagayan, you do know how to make a woman happy :D :D

I had zero time due to work to see the first day and the second day of Takashi's new play [ティラノ]so yesterday after work I went to do demachi and apologize. He was really sweet...and laughed when I said that for his play on January I will take half of the day off (I think I won't do that actually, since it starts at 19 I will work hard to finish job for 18.30)
Anycase, I'm going today and will bring him sweets to ask for forgiveness (again).
Yesterday we had a lovely chat and I swear all the tiredness flew away.
Can't wait for his new play on January, he seems really happy about it.
But for now, today, I will enjoy [ティラノ] and before the new play I will enjoy in December the trip with him to Fukushima :D :D

Jaaaaaa neee!!!
Misha and Sasha

It's been so long

and too many things happened, I can't write them all, sorry :D
And also I doubt a lot of people are still reading here.

But above all, there is one thing that matters more than the rest and that's the one I'll tell you.

Guess who got a 5 years Working Visa for Japan?:D :D :D
Now, I will put all my efforts in this new job, a job that I plan to keep for a long time.
About it, I was advised to not disclose too many details so let's say I'm providing customer support for a big company :D

Will update with other news about my life when I'll actually have time to write more :D
ja ne!
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Misha and Sasha

It's so hot!!!!!

I swear I'm melting! :D
Job is keeping me busy but I love it *_* I really do :D
I feel happy when going to work and it's incredible. The people are also really nice and I never thought I would really be so content working there.
And also, on Friday evening after work I went to see Takashi's new play.
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Tyrant...on the 7th!
This time I won't fail to summarize it ^_-
Misha and Sasha

I don't think it will happen but

If by any chance someone from the Takanaga comm comes here to check on why I haven't updated with the summary for Tyrant, the thing is that I'm currently in Italy where I'm taking care of my mum and will be back to Japan on the 10th.
I will buy the magazine as soon as I get home but I have to go to work on the same day of my return so it will be evening when I'll be finally able to summarize the chapter.
Sorry for the wait and thank you for the understanding.
Misha and Sasha

Ah guys you have no idea...

I've been having quite a few problem with some stalkers on Facebook lately.
It's so annoying!
Luckily this livejournal is my little paradise where I can actually feel free which is what really helps me lately.
So,on other news, my mum is still unable to move, her surgery went well but she keeps having light fever every afternoon which means that probably the part where they opened to have the sugery is getting infected. Tomorrow we will go again to the hospital to have her checked.
I'm cooking, cleaning, taking care of her in every way and it's so tiring.
And then I have to bear also with stupid people on Facebook...honestly it's like they don't have any idea of what are the real problems in life.
I wish they would just let me be >_<
Or that they would experience what it means to be in my situation now, with a house to take care of and the prospect of going to work on the same day of my return to Japan.(yes I'm working also the same day of my return).
So basically from Narita I'll just go leave my luggage home and then off to Shibuya.
Will need tons of coffe I guess.

On to nice things, Hisa messaged me and she asked me if I could bring from Italy my other yukata, the one I bought from UNIQLO some years ago. She is planning to go twice to Takashi's play with me and wants to dress me twice with a Yukata :D
On Saturday we will have a nice dinner with some people from the Facebook group and then a karaoke event. It's going to be fun and honestly, I need that now. I haven't been able to relax in Italy.
Also, two days ago while trying to go to the bathroom with the help of my father, my mum fell...and from that time she's been experiencing pain also on her lower back.
I'm getting crazy with all these problems.
I hope everything will end well. I'm quite scared of tomorrow's doctor visit.
Yesterday we went to the clinic to have her get the x-ray at her leg...I really, really hope she is getting better but she keeps complaining that everywhere hurts and since I am an anxious person I feel stressed even more than her.
And you have no idea on how much I'm hating Rome because it's impossible to go around with a wheelchair since the streets and the places are not equipped with the facilities for this kind of people.
It's really frustrating.
Oh well, the update came faster than I thought...I know, but I needed to vent and this is the only place I can do it freely >___