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will you survive?

zombie a go go
2 April
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the mistress
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Twenty-three. Aries. Rabbit. Writer.

I'm trying to make myself right. Physically. Mentally. All of it. I'm obsessed with J and Kaoru, steampunk and pin up girls, corsets and motorcycles, skating and roller derby, sci-fi and horror, blood and zombies, music and art.

Where ever I go my shadow follows to keep me down.
- Pay Money to my Pain "Price you pay"

reading, watching movies, writing, muses, jun onose, corsets, little apple dolls, tattoos, purple, piercings, betty page, kaoru, pirates, music, concerts, demolition, fetish clothing/shoes, asian horror flicks, god of war, dir en grey, pin-up couture, wenches,
hates links
elitists, screeching fans girls who feel the need to scream ‘I LOVE YOU [insert jrocker name here]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’ at the top of their lungs right next to my ear during a concert, rudeness, overly cocky people, fake friends, backstabbing, bad drivers, idiots, politics, spiders,imitators, muse haters

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