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'Though · this · be · madness · yet · there · is · method · in · it'.

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this journal is now inactive ,


my new journal is anemore


if you be on my friends list please at least type something in the comment section of my friends banner so i know to add thy agian

if you be not , well then your under obligation (if you'd like to be added ) to comment with something that would make me want to add you .


thank you for your time


we now return you to your regular program

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Comment to be added


Give me comments in this post please.
It can be...

a secret

a compliment

a lyric(s)

a poem(s)

a pictures(s

Current Mood:
bored bored
Current Music:
ikon-psychic vampire (fiend version)
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Current Mood:
creative creative
Current Music:
rob zombie - living dead girl
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