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Friends Only, Y'all

Real life. Music. Writing. Books. Baking. Auburn & the SEC. (basically all NCAA football). Fringe. Luther. Doctor Who. Downton Abbey. British dramas/PBS in general. The West Wing. The Office. Liberty. Pop Culture. Anything else I deem *SQUEE*-worthy or necessary to my life.
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Life With NaNo

Me: I'm NaNoing out a delightfully gd (great depression-y) life for annie and fitz. I love these two.

Audrey: I was going to NaNo, then the internet happened.

Me: ::tumblring/gmailing/ontding/googling depression-era clothing and water wells/not actually nanoing::

Me: That is a fairly accurate representation of my life in the last few days. And...right now.

Me: ::blogging a text message instead of actual NaNoing::

NaNoWriMo: At this rate, you will finish-- NEVER.

Me: At first, I was like

Me: And then I was all:

Me: And something like this happened:

Me: And now I'm undecided between creating a time-turner a la Harry Potter or stealing a TARDIS and finishing NaNo

My life is a downward spiral and it's only day five.