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When you have insomnia you're never really asleep

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8th April 2008

8:28pm: Moving to Saskatoon

I'll be going to the University of Saskatchewan for the spring semester (May-mid June) and would appreciate any answers from residents of Saskatoon or students of the university.

Thanks so much!
Current Mood: curious

9th April 2007

10:35pm: bus passes
I've never been here in the summer...do octranspo student prices apply during the summer months? (I'll be doing co-op)



28th November 2006

11:51pm: Oh wow..I haven't been here in ages.
Novemeber has been filled with ups and downs as usual.
We had another successful house party and raised some money for an animal rescue and no one puked in the sink this time. :) Claire, her friend from Manitoba, Steph, Jarret and I went to 90s night early november, it was good times. I took myself on a sucessful bus adventure and got off at the wrong stops a few times..but it was fun none the less. The 7th OSDS anniversary party was last weekend, I thought it would of been better but it was still fun. I bought two new shirts! Yeah! Semester is over in 7 days and I only have one test, one presentation and one essay left :D This weekend is Pascals party, and studycore. A la prochaine..


27th November 2006

1:40am: Short Notice
Anyong going to Tenacious D tomorrow night in Toronto/Driving to Toronto tomorrow? Looking for a ride for two people to Toronto leaving Ottawa before 1pm, and leaving Toronto either late Monday night or Tuesday no later than 8am.


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1st November 2005


New Journal.

New Friends.

Comment to be added.


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