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Open the pod bay doors, HAL.

I'm sorry Dave, I'm afraid I can't do that.

Bof, pourquoi pas?
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Days until Bush leaves office.

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Alex. Soon-to-be bay area expatriate heading north, seeking refuge from east bay fog in the city of roses, but never forgetting the sunsets over the industrial wasteland I currently call home. Cynical and sarcastic. Not for the conservative, the Christian right, or the faint of heart.

so tell me, friend, how's it gonna end?
when the shit goes down and there's no one left around to get your back
you'll crack, you'll smile and agree with everything they say
they'll try to tell you that it's all okay
but it's not and you're shot, you're bleeding pretty bad
and you can't stop thinking about the things you never had
like a wife and a kid and the things you never did
running around, living a life that's empty in the end, my friend
so i waited by the phone, but the phone never rang
and i sang so loud so i wouldn't hear the bang
well, the bang never came and i never got the call
fuck it, thank you, i love you all!
and some are gonna say that we're doomed to repeat
all our past mistakes, great, but that's not me
and even if it was, i would always disagree
'cause in the end i always get the better of me.
-Streetlight Manifesto

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Life is a rollercoaster - scream.

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