On good days, you're a mad scientist.

Minx, (n.) a pert girl, (adj.) saucy; impudent
Journal title is from Kristy Bowen's Open Letter to the Muse ...On good days, you're a mad scientist. On bad, a vain girl with a scalpel. Seems appropriate. Friendslist page is from the following quotation: “A traveller. I love his title. A traveller is to be reverenced as such. His profession is the best symbol of our life. Going from…toward; it is the history of every one of us. It is a great art to saunter.” -Henry David Thoreau

No need to ask if you can friend; can't have enough of those. If you'd like to apply for benefits, please speak to my secretary. You are also welcome to post links to these stories or rec them, that is quite cool and you'll earn my thanks if you tell me about it. I've thrown my hat in the ring at dvd_commentary as well, so posted commentaries (concrit welcome) are also encouraged. I should maybe also say that I am totally open to podficing! Let me know if you podfic my work and I'll link it on the fanfic page.

My main fandom is/was Stargate SG-1 (writing as well, you can find a listing of fic in this post), but I also read and rec Sherlock, Merlin, Stargate Atlantis (I dabble in writing), Farscape, Firefly/Serenity and Supernatural. So far. I seem to have a crush on Welcome to Night Vale at this point too.

These are the current archive recs posts (not collections, these are recommended reading); SG-1 unless noted.

Season 1 SG-1
Early seasons (1-4 and 5) SG-1
Gen Fic
Unusual pairings
Poly (OT3/OT4)
Sam (presently including Sam/Jack but not Sam/Daniel, as Sam/Jack can't seem to commit to moving into their own list together, but Sam and Daniel managed it a while ago.)
Multifandom Crossovers
Stargate: Atlantis
Multifandom Kinkfic
Merlin is here: Merlin Fanfic Recommendations.
Sherlock is here: Sherlock (mostly BBC) Recs.
WtNV is here: Welcome to Night Vale Recs

And now a word about slash and het erotic fanfiction: slash is the fanfic shorthand term for a romantic relationship between people of the same sex. I frequently rec, and sometimes write, slash-fic. I also rec and write heterosexual relationship fic, and for all fiction will try to consistently indicate whether fic is slash or het or has explicit material inappropriate for underage eyes or your workplace computer. All this information is provided, free of charge, so that you may make an informed decision about what to read. Please let me know if there is any other information you feel would be really important for you to know beforehand and I'll try to include that too. That said? The kitchen cannot do anything if your food is too spicy, please don't send it back. Thank you for your support.