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fanfic recs

surreallis's Drifting Back to Us OT3 in which Jack starts it, kicking himself the entire time, most likely, Daniel is critical and lost, and Sam holds them, or brings them back together. Adult, S5-7.

Sweet J/D, subtle enough to be friendshippy: Far and Near, janedavitt, PG.

In oxoniensis's porn battle rematch, miera_c has written weir/dex, which I enjoy because of the hotness that is Ronon (which has sort of taken over my brain lately) and because I'm pretty sure Elizabeth is more awesome than she's written in canon. Tame. NC-17.

Speaking of Ronon: hard earned wisdom, written in ink in his skin, illegible to anyone else. A Broader Mark for Sorrow. destina. Go read, it's gorgeous. Non-explicit, R rated, maybe, slash. Lovely.

Speaking of Destina (happy birthday, Des!), her friends have mounted a campaign to celebrate the day of her birth, and many beautiful Jack/Daniel stories have been gifted from the Pouncer, Elishavah, Jenlev, Troyswann (whoa), Katie M, Shalott (pornographic G rated pie!), Cofax (post descension fic Whiskey and Dust) in destina_fic.

nandamai with in character Sam/Jack, S9, which will make you hurt for the acceptance and the distance and how much Jack hates his job. Folding a Map, mild R.

ahem. This one goes last (but not least):

You will not be chasing this story with anything else. It doesn't matter that it's labeled Sheppard gen (or /OFC) or that it's long and plotty and heartbreaking... or perhaps it's because of those things, but no other fic will be able to follow it. It will take over your head and you will fall in love with a John who will trust you with his life but not that of someone he's protecting, who has depth and backstory in spades and is hurting and sweet and Not Fucking Around. A John like this would have my undivided attention on screen, and even on the page I sat down and read this straight through to the end (did I mention it's long? and that the pacing is marvelous?) and cried, twice, before it was over. Add to that Teyla, (and Rodney, and Ronon, and everyone else) and I'm toast.

M.'s (=samdonne's) Your Cowboy Days Are Over (Mammas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys). John, SGA, gen or het (OC), NC-17. Warning for (OC) death.
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