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fanfic recs and general pimping

oxoniensis is running another hiatus porn battle, this time no voting confusion, this time from prompts. Prompts are one word, sorted by fandom and pairing+/-, and ample, in the header. You'll be able to find something, anything, for your muse to work with. It's a public service; please go write or comment to encourage this vital community service. Posting closes next Friday evening, GMT.

On the other end of the spectrum, nandamai, surreallis and splash_the_cat, all Sam writers I really enjoy, are running a Sam ficathon at samcarterfic. To focus on Sam herself and remove all reliance on romance as a defining characteristic, this ficathon will be gen... although your prompt might allow you to up the rating a little. So go! Request soldier stuff, or science stuff, or both; request Sam and Jacob! Request Martouf, or Rodney, or an AU in which Jolinar lived! Or Cassandra or Janet. Request Theresa JONES, for goodness' sake; it can be anything, anybody. Backstory, anyone? I gotta hold out until I see where RL deadlines will fall, if anywhere, but here are the vitals: Signup HERE by June 23, stories due (1,000 word minimum) August 21. That's TWO MONTHS. Lotsa time.

Now, as a reward for sitting through the PSA's, I give you... fic recs! (You're shocked, I can tell.)

Sweet little Sam/Daniel comment fic from moonshayde for surreallis. Short and sweet: Watching You, PG, zombie movies. Heh.

thegrrrl2002 wrote a pretty little first-time intimacy in an early relationship John/Rodney. Also featuring movies, entertainingly, and some nice blowjobs. Cheers, Grrl! An elegant early relationship step toward old married love. Plus, I adore when Rodney is the less emotionally handicapped of the two of them. I just think that works very well. Pretense, John/Rodney, NC-17, either season.

splash_the_cat has a solo Jack, backfiring, also for Jen. NC-17. And a ficlet for Kellifer, Jack/Daniel and team in the field, with Daniel oblivious, Sam competent, Jack observant, and presumably Teal'c trusting. PG-13.

If you haven't seen it yet: synecdochic is posting more J/D fic and it's a gorgeous crossover with Neil Gaimon's Sandman. Read regardless of familiarity with the graphic novel. Another Man with Firmer Lips. Jack/Daniel, with Death. R rated, or maybe PG-13.

ivorygates, who wrote the marvelous House/SG-1 crossover Hotel Sex, follows it up with Daniel going home, and issues, and fantastic Not Talking. She maneuvers through those games so deftly, doesn't she? Homecoming Game. Jack/Daniel, PGish, actually. I don't think there's even much language to worry about, but it is amazingly sexy and tension-filled regardless. Worksafe.

icarusancalion wrote a surprising virgin challenge response that may very well redefine awkward sex. Last Port of Call. John/Rodney, NC-17.

iphignia939 wrote a marvelous Serenity fix-it/crossover with SG-1 (later seasons, say 6-9) called The Sound of One Hand Clapping. Wash. I love Wash. G rated.

Also went back and trawled through frostfire_17's fanfic and read some very nice stuffs. Mmmmmm.... The Mitchell ones (Biggest Fanboy in the UNIVERSE, Dogtags, Grannies and Alien Priest(esses) and Here is No Water) are still my favorites (all NC-17, I believe), but also read and loved the Firefly River fic Three-Four (gen, PG-13), the John/Rodney NC-17 AS and it's remix Aperture by z_rayne (also NC-17).

And now her ears should really be burning. Heh.

I'm here for all your flattery needs.

ETA: If Wishes Were Horses, zombie!fic, Daniel and Sam being cute and funny together, and possibly the world's worst morning after ever. S/J aftermath, PG from poohmusings.

And Brighid's Shape, Shade and Line, which is gorgeous, of course. Nice psychological complexity and interaction between Jack and Daniel, with amazing sensory description and world building at the same time. Jack/Daniel, NC-17.
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