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You know what is good?

Posting fic is good. Feedback is good. I, apparently, did not post any stories at all in May, which is funny because the Teal'c fic was posted right at the end of April (and nomm'd! YAY!) and the apocalyptothon Cameron & Sam fic was posted today. I have multiple fics, though, that are finished and drafted enough to have made their steady progress through beta-land at least once, and now I'm tempted to break out the rags and polish.

The incredible 7 fanfiction pieces nominated in the Stargate Fan Awards (seriously, thanks so much for the compliments) are so diverse in subject that none of them ended up seating themselves in even vaguely the same categories, and only two of the seven even feature the same pairing (it's Jack and Daniel, though. Awwww.)

You know what's wierd, though? Categorizing the threesome+femmeslash+crossover was much, MUCH easier than categorizing the Sam and Teal'c Watch Old Movies friendship piece.

ETA: These are the nomm'd fics:
Campfirelight, Campfire Stories. Calm little S9 team fic. Cam POV, gen.
One Day I'll Fly Away and Vanish. Jack/Daniel S9 NC-17 angst fic.
Like No One is Watching. Teamficathon action piece, Daniel POV, PG-13.
The Eye is not Satisfied with Seeing. For Taselby. Cameron/Teal'c NC-17 powerplay episode tag to Arthur's Mantle.
Perchance to Dream. Teal'c ficathon Sam and Teal'c friendship over old movies late at night fic. Teal'c POV, gen, PG.
Aliens Didn't Make Them Do It. Challenge response waaaay back when (it's something like the fourth thing I wrote) for Nialla. Jack/Daniel, S9 featuring Jack playing with Daniel's hands. PG-13 or R rated.
The Principle of Exclusion. Ah, the smutfic. Crossover with Atlantis, threesome, slash, femmeslash, multiple partners... good times, good times. In which Sam is not vanilla. NC-17. The easiest to categorize.

Picking a category iz hard, but at least I don't have to worry that they'll be competing with each other.

You all know you can find my fic under the fanfic tag or linked in the layout's left column, right? Good. Did I thank those of you who nominated all those fic? Thank you. It makes me happy.

I now present for you voting pleasure: WIPs! What would you most like to read?

Jack/Daniel mildly kinky fic. I started this as a comment fic and continued it a little for another challenge, then decided to keep going even farther but... lost focus. And zing. I have an idea, though...
excerpt: Daniel shifted his weight and slowly brought his hand out from underneath Jack’s shirt to wrap his fingers around the man’s other wrist. His thumb touched the tip of his longest finger as he twisted slightly, working his hand under the cuff of the jacket. Straightening and pulling Jack’s hand from its plant on his shoulder, Daniel deliberately pinned the second wrist to the wall. Jack’s breath hitched.

An orphan sexy bit that would stand alone as a Sam Self-love ficlet, with a little heavy petting. S7-ish, I think.
excerpt: Her hand began an unconscious soothing of the red thumbprint it left on her hip, a gentle petting just above the hair, in a half moon circular curve that mirrored the arc of her hip.
And wouldn't that have been appropriate to post last month? Being as how May was masturbation month? Oh well.

Cam and Teal'c, Courting. Oh, come on! You know these are old fashioned guys and you know they are planning dates with the goal of entertaining one another... courting! Specially tailored for a Southern Fanboy and a Patient Alien with a Subtle Sense of Humor. Also known as the fic where I finally use Taselby's ice cream prompt. And I think I should get points for contributing to the G-rated slash category.
excerpt: “We require spoons to drink a beverage?” he enquired, mildly perplexed as straws joined the spoons in each glass. “Does the ice cream not melt upon addition of liquid, Colonel Mitchell?”
“Not entirely, there’s this sort of crunchy outside around a hunk of frozen goodness,” Mitchell said, smiling, “although it does really help to have a hot day behind you to appreciate it, and I do not answer to Colonel Mitchell on my days off.”

What else is good: The Black Powder War arriving on my doorstep. How I love the UPS man.

Also also good: People. Friends are good. Friends help with that whole perspective thing and make lunch dates and offer to do the job the advisor will not do. Who offer hugs and let me off the hook for blanking on stuff. Who threaten to beat up mean people who make me sad, with a surprising variety of impliments. Yeah. Friends.
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