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Reading list meme

snagged this from raindroproses:

Summer Reading List Meme: List three fics that you have read this summer (August) and enjoyed and would recommend to others as part of their September Required Reading List.

1. Isomeric by surreallis Sam/Daniel for that 'Not exactly' comment from Ex Deus Machina.

2. Comparing Scars by cofax7 This is a brilliant Sam & Vala gen moment in S9. You thought they just passed each other in the hall and went 'huh?'. No, neither did I.

3. Best Laid Plans by corilannam This could go under slash, or hawtness, or J/D or any number of things, but because it involves the home shopping network, it's going under humor. But it's also HAWT. *guh*

Also updated the fanfic recs for SG-1 J/D slash, alternate pairings+ and humor. Read! Read little bookworms!
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