March 4th, 2017

vala act your age

Hello DW

I had the most extraordinary urge to post today and I think I know why-- for the first time in a LONG time, my spouse is away for the day, and I have no grading to do over the weekend. That's two days of unstructured time, the baby isn't here yet, and at least half of it is only me and the cat in the house.

It's almost like when we first met, only now I have a cat and an enormous baby bump.

I have three things on the to-do list today: 1. go to the post office and mail 4 packages for E. I should get going on that before noon, actually,

2. Exercise to comfort in the back yard. We have the mulchy remains of a very large fir tree to spread around our 0.25 acre yard, but I'm not comfy with lots of twisting motions, so I have to seriously firm up my core and squat/step to load a wheelbarrow. Past that, the farmer's carry of walking the wheelbarrow to it's destination is pretty awesome!

3. Start cooking/prepping freezer meals for the summer (post baby's birthday). I was kind of confused about the instructions for this for a long time. They vary between "set aside a weekend and make 50 meals for $5!!!!!" and "dump a can of sodium-laden soup on a sad looking pair of chicken breast and add soda" or something. I finally realized, though, that I was already meal-prepping for the internet's version of this, by setting aside lunch-portions (sometimes in the freezer) of whatever we made for dinner on the weekend. So I think I'm going to ramp that up slightly by a) doubling the recipe and b) stocking half of it in the deep freezer (possibly uncooked), rather than searching out the terrible recipes that the internet seems to think are suitable for one's crockpot. Yowsa.

How are all of you? Having a nice grading-free weekend? If not, please realize I empathize from a very deep place if you are grading something.

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