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Ming Doyle

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Music for Bats [Nov. 23rd, 2011|05:18 pm]
Ming Doyle
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Hey pals, I am such a huge, huge fan of this musical project that I am going to post about it. At length. It's seriously worth a quick, casual listen, and it's downright delicious for people who are into backstory.

An album of music inspired by Batman,
his acquaintances, loves, and foes

by Maiden Names

♪ Listen to and/or purchase Alexa and Mark’s Batman-inspired album, Blackout Shades, at the Maiden Names’ Bandcamp!

♪ Learn about Alexa's inspirations and thoughts on the Dark Knight in a special installment of the Make Believers podcast!

♪ Watch the Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow music video, directed by my boyfriend Neil Cicierega, at yoursuffering.com or below:

This is a project that's been over a year in the making. Alexa is a talented visual artist as well as a gifted songwriter and singer, who happens to have an abiding interest in the cast of characters who populate Gotham.

Here's a track listing, along with who/what the songs are about:

1. Love Your Enemy (Joker)
2. American Hero (Two-Face)
3. Your Suffering (Scarecrow)
4. Stop Bleeding (Batman)
5. Blackout Shades (Alfred)
6. Come Down to Earth (Poison Ivy)
7. Eyeblack (Bruce Wayne)
8. I'm Your Bitch (Harley Quinn)
9. No Slack (Catwoman)
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Batman: Flying Blind [Dec. 26th, 2010|11:49 pm]
Ming Doyle
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Hello friends! Here's a bit of an update from the art vortex. I'm busily finishing up work on Tantalize: Kieren's Story, a graphic novel for Candlewick Press adapted from the book by the talented Cynthia Leitich Smith.

January's going to be completely devoted to getting every last one of the 188 pages looking ship shape before sending them off to my editors. It hasn't escaped my notice that I've allowed updating my personal sites to fall by the wayside this past year in favor of working away on my first full length graphic novel, so I thought I'd try to post some goodies here for anyone who's still hanging around.

First up, the first four pages from a Batman fan comic I started back in March, 2007 that unfortunately never got off the ground. It featured Batman, Robin, Alfred, and Poison Ivy, and that's basically all I managed to come up with.

Batman: Flying Blind - 4 pagesCollapse )

And here's one of the Batcomputer background files I made for good measure:

Ah, the realm of could've-beens! Someday I'll manage to sit down and put more than two words together in my head again and it will be grand. ;)
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Artlapse: The Joker [Sep. 3rd, 2009|12:40 pm]
Ming Doyle
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Here's a 15 minute speed-painting crunched down to 1 minute. It's a deranged art rainbow of a travesty I call "Artlapse: The Joker"! Photographs and cinematography courtesy of trapezzoid, music via archive.org. I don't usually draw with color, but this time the subject matter seemed to demand it.

Here are some excerpted stills from the artlapse for anyone who wants a stationary look at the Clown Prince of Acrylic Crime.Collapse )
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dc fanart. [Feb. 20th, 2007|12:25 pm]
Ming Doyle
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characters: joker, harley quinn
rating/warnings: ...scary clowns?
media: pen, ink, & ps7
artist's note: the brightest bulbs in batman's lite-brite rogues gallery.

a day at the circus.Collapse )

costume closeups and commentary.Collapse )
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