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Ming Doyle

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Makeup and Make Believers [Mar. 16th, 2011|07:53 pm]
Ming Doyle
[Tags|, ]

Two things! First, I went off the wall bonkers for the special edition Wonder Woman themed makeup line by MAC Cosmetics, featuring product art by the amazing Mike Allred of Madman fame. So bonkers, in fact, that I felt compelled to show off my purchases and demonstrate my favorite look from the collection. Silly, I am aware! But all in great fun. I am a fan.

Second, I've started a podcast with my good friend and occasional cosplay cohort, Alexa Rose! If you're a fan of art, esoteric minutiae, ghost stories, hijinks, and all other manner of bizarre topics, please give Make Believers a listen!

*** Make Believers is also on iTunes, if that's how you prefer to catch your podcasts. :)
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Aquaman, Redesigned. [Mar. 1st, 2011|11:06 pm]
Ming Doyle
[Tags|, , ]

Character: Aquaman
Rating/Warnings: A strong helping of commanding, imperious presence.
Media: Pen, ink, & CS5
Artist's Note: An Aquaman redesign inspired by (but not submitted to) Project: Rooftop's "Sea Change" contest. Check out the winners, up now!

O Sea King, my Sea King.Collapse )
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Sea King [Feb. 26th, 2011|08:20 pm]
Ming Doyle
An Aquaman redesign inspired by (but not submitted to) Project: Rooftop's "Sea Change" contest. Still pondering colors, but I'll share those too... whenever they coalesce! *g*

Line Art - Aquaman Redesign
by ~mysteryming

Additionally, heck yes. Still. What a way to rock.

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deviantArt dump! [Feb. 14th, 2011|08:40 pm]
Ming Doyle
Hi guys! Remember me? I like superheros and stuff, so here, I drew a few.

by ~mysteryming
Tula, AKA Aquagirl, a former Teen Titan.

Invincible and Atom Eve
by ~mysteryming
Atom Eve and Invincible! This pinup was featured in the supersized Invincible #75 issue. Also, it wants to wish you a happy Valentine's Day. ♥

The Amazing Joy Buzzards
by ~mysteryming
I drew this pinup for The Amazing Joy Buzzards way back in 2008, and here it finally is! If anyone knows what issue it was published in um that would be cool.

by ~mysteryming
"Puuuma, Man! He flies like a moron!" Some MST3K fun.

by ~mysteryming
Hotcha, how did this Orion slave girl get here?

Anyway, that's it from me for now! Hoping to do a bit of a review of some items from MAC's amazing Wonder Woman makeup line, since you know I gorged myself on that consumerism like nobody's business. And I have comics stuff to talk about too! But all for another day. :)
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Batman: Flying Blind [Dec. 26th, 2010|11:49 pm]
Ming Doyle
[Tags|, , , , ]

Hello friends! Here's a bit of an update from the art vortex. I'm busily finishing up work on Tantalize: Kieren's Story, a graphic novel for Candlewick Press adapted from the book by the talented Cynthia Leitich Smith.

January's going to be completely devoted to getting every last one of the 188 pages looking ship shape before sending them off to my editors. It hasn't escaped my notice that I've allowed updating my personal sites to fall by the wayside this past year in favor of working away on my first full length graphic novel, so I thought I'd try to post some goodies here for anyone who's still hanging around.

First up, the first four pages from a Batman fan comic I started back in March, 2007 that unfortunately never got off the ground. It featured Batman, Robin, Alfred, and Poison Ivy, and that's basically all I managed to come up with.

Batman: Flying Blind - 4 pagesCollapse )

And here's one of the Batcomputer background files I made for good measure:

Ah, the realm of could've-beens! Someday I'll manage to sit down and put more than two words together in my head again and it will be grand. ;)
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"Human After All" [Nov. 16th, 2010|03:45 pm]
Ming Doyle
[Tags|, ]

This week's THE LONELIEST ASTRONAUTS is the best ever, and this is why. This is why.

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Star Trek uniform (TOS)! [Oct. 22nd, 2010|03:13 am]
Ming Doyle
[Tags|, ]

This year's Halloween costume is something I've been wanting to dress as since I was nine years old. Something so amazing, so neat, so fearsomely cool that only now, 17 years later, have I mustered sufficient courage and steely reserve to attempt the look. What could be so screamingly, scarily superb?

A Star Trek: The Original Series female officer, of course.

Lieutenant Doyle, reporting for duty!Collapse )

The dress was pre-made and purchased online (outrageously on sale!), but I think it does a fairly good job for what it is. I picked up the insignia patch, phaser, and earrings in stores as well, but I gave them all their own custom paint jobs to amp up the authenticity.

Here's a before/after shot, for those interested.

Customized phaser closeups.Collapse )

The boots were a full price splurge, but since I found them in the little girls' section of Target for $20, I can't feel that bad. A US women's size 6 1/2 is about a girl's size 5, by the way! Neat discovery.

I'm going to wear this costume to Youmacon, an anime convention in Detroit that takes place Halloween weekend. The Lemon Demon/Potter Puppet Pals crew goes every year. This'll be their fourth year as guests, I believe, and my third time around. It's always a fun time, and I'm looking forward to seeing trapezzoid as a Starfleet science officer. :)

Neil and I bought the official uniform patterns from Roddenberry.com, so hopefully someday I'll have an even better looking spacefaring red dress. For now, happy Halloween, friends! Hope you all dress up and have fun. :)
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1909 [Oct. 11th, 2010|11:56 pm]
Ming Doyle
[Tags|, ]

I've finally posted my college thesis online in its entirety! If you want to read the prologue to a grand steampunk adventure that never was, dating back to the misty, murky days of 2006, then click on the pretty pout below to proceed to a world of magical, mechanical alchemy. It's 1909!

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Bullet point procession. [Oct. 3rd, 2010|07:35 pm]
Ming Doyle
• So this went up last week but I am only now posting it here for anyone who might have an interest in my thoughts on Rob Liefeld, werearmadillos, and superheroes.

Interview w/ Ming Doyle: A Miasma of Paint, Pencil and Ink, via Fuel Your Illustration.

• Oh hey, also. Did you know that you can now like me on Facebook? Well, you can! If you want.

Like "Ming Doyle" on Facebook!

• Another neat development is the creation of The Official Potter Puppet Pals YouTube Channel! Neil felt it was finally time to give the puppets some freedom... or did the puppets claim that freedom for themselves? Check the channel out and decide for yourselves! Here's a sampling of some of the mayhem within.

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Portraits. [Sep. 26th, 2010|04:04 pm]
Ming Doyle
To celebrate our second anniversary, I made a quick pair of portraits depicting Neil and myself in our almost American Gothic if-Gothic-is-the-new-indie stateliness. The paintings are hanging in our living room, and they're really not at all creepy in real life. It's just the digital camera that's lending them such a Tower of Terror air, I swear!

Anyway. Happy anniversary, Neil! You are a joy to know and the most wonderful friend. <3

Closeup shot of these masterpieces.Collapse )
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