Ming Doyle (_ming) wrote,
Ming Doyle

Hi guys!

Sorry I've been so silent on the LJ front. There's a cavalcade of confusing and jostling options when it comes to social networking these days, though I may secretly still love this place best (shh).

Gosh, what's happened since I last posted? I am a for real, full time comic book artist now! I've drawn two full length graphic novels for Candlewick Press, am currently working on an Image miniseries, and have had short stories published by both Marvel and Vertigo.

This isn't an entry for the brag logs, and I hope it doesn't come across that way. Just a message to all of you dear LJ pals I don't see much on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook, and kind of a cosmically reassuring message to my younger self represented in previous entries in case she was still worried about what the heck would become of her. ;)

Back to the drawing board for me, forever and always!
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