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Hey guys! Sorry I've been so silent, life is full of big and exciting changes on the personal and professional fronts lately, and hopefully I'll be able to write about all of these strange, sweet new happenings in due course. For now, I come bearing Internet gifts!

First off is a very silly and short video starring emmycic, trapezzoid and myself, showcasing one of our more mundane mutual talents.

And here is Neil's (the aforementioned trapezzoid) newest song under the Lemon Demon flag. It is called "Eighth Wonder" and you can download it by right-click-saving ♪♪♪ here ♪♪♪ and I think it is very pretty and enthralling and also I handlettered all the lyrics for this video, so! Please enjoy!

And to complete this Cicierega-centric post, here's a piece of discarded Lemon Demon promotional art I did a few weeks ago. limekle has boats in her hair!

There have also been two new The Loneliest Astronauts strips in my absence, "Blush Response" and "I feel it in my head, I feel it in my toes" (super-sized for more astro-awesome!).

The Loneliest Astronauts updates weekly, on Tuesdays. Add it to your RSS feeds (loneastrofeed)!

Euge Ahn, AKA Adam Warrock - Space Buds (The Loneliest Astronauts Theme Song)

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