Ming Doyle (_ming) wrote,
Ming Doyle

all conned out.

man. the last few weeks have been pretty stressful and busy for me, but one really bright spot was visiting my pal alexa and playing some of the most intense dress-up of my life with her at nerd prom '08. she also took most of these photos since my memory card crapped out at the last second. thanks, lex! me hate you the worst.

on friday we were death & delirium from the sandman.

death and delirium of the endless take new jersey transit!

let's not even get into how badly my nose itched all day.

look at them fishes! lex did her own deliriously good makeup.

death in the city.

on saturday we were the world's worstest, bizzara & batzarra!

'zarras conquer myspace, news at zero o'clock!
the bizarro versions of supergirl and batgirl.

she's like supergirl, only a little more bizaaarrrrrrre.

batzarra am not having trouble with batzarra gauntlets!

and of course there were many other strange and wonderful sights to behold.

♥ ♥ ♥ oh, aquaman! ♥ ♥ ♥
he's my aquaboyfriend.

disturbingly grainy devil-eyed covert capture of discowing.

sunday we dressed like normal people and had a perfectly lovely time.

...and that's a con!

edit: ah, and how could i forget! on saturday we got to meet sean murphy and dustin nguyen and lurk around them in the artists' alley for a bit. they both took the time to look at my portfolio and say generally encouraging things despite the bevy of fanpeople fighting for their attention and merchandise. two deeply talented guys, and about as nice as they get!
Tags: bizarro world, costume design, life of ming, ms. alexa rose, the sandman
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