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azn propaganda brigade
...musings of a tiny misanthrope
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31st-Dec-2027 11:59 pm - { friendsONLYpls }

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17th-Apr-2010 03:48 pm(no subject)
japan: nuuu
i'm telling you, if the economy was like what it was 120+ years ago, my life wouldn't be as crappy as i claim it to be =___=
30th-Jul-2009 08:46 pm(no subject)
[19:44] themuffinman679: has joined the chat
[19:44] n i k i CHAAN: has joined the chat
[19:45] Machine Nineteen: has joined the chat
[19:45] n i k i CHAAN: hay gaiz
[19:45] n i k i CHAAN: : D
[19:45] themuffinman679: yo
[19:45] themuffinman679: : )
[19:46] themuffinman679: I can only stay for a little bit, but i figured now was a good oportunity
[19:46] n i k i CHAAN: soo what's the plan so far?
[19:46] themuffinman679: city stuff?
[19:46] n i k i CHAAN: like what xD
[19:47] themuffinman679: MET? that Blood movie thing that was mentioned before?
[19:47] n i k i CHAAN: ooh, the met? yes~
[19:47] themuffinman679: Met is kewl.
[19:48] n i k i CHAAN: wait
[19:48] n i k i CHAAN: i'm broke .__.
[19:48] themuffinman679: O_O o krap. wait, it causts $?
[19:48] Machine Nineteen: whale hunting.
[19:48] n i k i CHAAN: as far as i know, it's $20 for student admission o3o
[19:49] n i k i CHAAN: there are no whales in the hudson o3o
[19:49] themuffinman679: wtf is with you and freakin whales?
[19:50] n i k i CHAAN: http://whalepenis.org/
[19:50] n i k i CHAAN: : D
[19:50] themuffinman679: they didn;t hurt nobody
[19:50] themuffinman679: ....do i really want to know
[19:50] themuffinman679: ?
[19:50] n i k i CHAAN: : DD
[19:51] themuffinman679: !!!!!!!!!!!!!
[19:51] n i k i CHAAN: bwahaha
[19:51] themuffinman679: OH GOD
[19:51] themuffinman679: NIKI WHY??
[19:51] n i k i CHAAN: i'd tap that any day ;D
[19:52] Machine Nineteen: why did you click that?
[19:52] themuffinman679: O_O
[19:52] themuffinman679: i dont know
[19:52] themuffinman679: niki wow XD
[19:52] themuffinman679: wtf XD
[19:52] n i k i CHAAN: bahahaha
[19:52] n i k i CHAAN: it should have been a rickroll
[19:53] themuffinman679: i actually need to rick roll myself to burn that image out of my head
[19:53] PsionEnergy: has joined the chat
[19:53] PsionEnergy: hello?
[19:53] n i k i CHAAN: hii :D
[19:53] themuffinman679: Haigh
[19:53] themuffinman679: welcome
[19:53] themuffinman679: guys, dan
[19:53] PsionEnergy: *waves*
[19:53] themuffinman679: dan, christian and niki
[19:54] Machine Nineteen: Hi my name is Bill.
[19:54] themuffinman679: we're deciding what to do
[19:54] n i k i CHAAN: whaling : D
[19:54] themuffinman679: oh yeah you'd like that wouldn;t you
[19:54] themuffinman679: ?
[19:54] n i k i CHAAN: hahaha
[19:54] PsionEnergy: whale watching is fun
[19:54] themuffinman679: yeah
[19:55] n i k i CHAAN: yes 8D
[19:55] Machine Nineteen: There's other parts of the whale other people would like to see.
[19:55] Machine Nineteen: And not see.
[19:55] PsionEnergy: ...point
[19:55] themuffinman679: well said
[19:55] n i k i CHAAN: bahahaha
[19:55] themuffinman679: so we suggested the MET but that requires monies
[19:55] PsionEnergy: I no has teh monies
[19:56] n i k i CHAAN: chelsea is free though and has pretty arts 8D
[19:56] PsionEnergy: my parents docked my allowance for the moment because we're broke
[19:56] Machine Nineteen: That's one thing we all have in common.
[19:56] PsionEnergy: divorce is a wonderful thing...
[19:56] themuffinman679: indeed
[19:56] themuffinman679: no
[19:56] themuffinman679: no no
[19:56] n i k i CHAAN: we can go to chinatown and ride the kiddie rides in front of the shops
[19:56] Machine Nineteen: Sorry to hear that.
[19:56] n i k i CHAAN: :C
[19:56] PsionEnergy: I'm all for the kiddie rides
[19:56] Machine Nineteen: I wouldn't expect any less from you.
[19:56] themuffinman679: Dan, i was saying were all broke not that it s good. my bad
[19:56] PsionEnergy: I'll dress up as Kisuke for it
[19:56] themuffinman679: lol
[19:57] themuffinman679: yes yes
[19:57] themuffinman679: chinatown sounds good yes?
[19:58] Machine Nineteen: I can meet all my cousins there. Sure.
[19:58] themuffinman679: what would we do besides riding the kiddy rides though?
[19:58] Machine Nineteen: Making fun of the one riding it.
[19:58] n i k i CHAAN: i'll be tempted to go bargain hunting 8D;;
[19:58] n i k i CHAAN: SHUTUP
[19:59] n i k i CHAAN: i'll ride the elephant all day *__*
[19:59] Machine Nineteen: You would.
[19:59] themuffinman679: XD
[19:59] PsionEnergy: not gonna think about that one too much
[19:59] themuffinman679: me neither
[19:59] PsionEnergy: though it would be a night to remember...elephants never forget
[19:59] Machine Nineteen: Wait, so no karaoke?
[19:59] PsionEnergy: *drum roll*
[19:59] PsionEnergy: we can roam the streets and sing
[20:00] PsionEnergy: it's the same thing with less alcohol and more humiliation
[20:00] n i k i CHAAN: well, we can go over some random asian house and raid their karaoke stash 8D
[20:00] themuffinman679: lol
[20:00] Machine Nineteen: That's all asians.
[20:00] Machine Nineteen: Filipinos anyway.
[20:00] themuffinman679: niki you're a crimminal
[20:00] PsionEnergy: no, niki is a ninja
[20:00] n i k i CHAAN: no, i'm kira >:C
[20:00] themuffinman679: but i can see her
[20:01] themuffinman679: i mean
[20:01] themuffinman679: when i do see her
[20:01] PsionEnergy: *puts a bucket over my head*
[20:01] Machine Nineteen: You have to kneel to see her eye to eye.
[20:01] PsionEnergy: I'm immune to Kira!
[20:01] themuffinman679: NO ONE IS IMMUNE TO GOD
[20:01] PsionEnergy: ...she can't see my face
[20:01] themuffinman679: lol
[20:01] PsionEnergy: therefore Death Note becomes notebook
[20:01] themuffinman679: XD
[20:02] n i k i CHAAN: *__*
[20:02] Machine Nineteen: wtf is a Death Note?
[20:02] themuffinman679: christian for god sake
[20:02] themuffinman679: XD
[20:02] PsionEnergy: ...seriously?
[20:02] Machine Nineteen: Unk.
[20:02] PsionEnergy: google it
[20:02] Machine Nineteen: Too lazy.
[20:03] PsionEnergy: google it and hit images
[20:03] n i k i CHAAN: it's what executioners write to their victims
[20:03] n i k i CHAAN: /lame
[20:03] Machine Nineteen: Yeah.
[20:03] n i k i CHAAN: i tried :C
[20:03] PsionEnergy: "expiration date" - dinner and a murder
[20:03] themuffinman679: O_O niki..are....are you Kira?????
[20:03] Machine Nineteen: Vultures?
[20:04] PsionEnergy: wait, there's a test for Kira
[20:04] Machine Nineteen: No way, Kira is smart.
[20:04] PsionEnergy: give her a potato chip
[20:04] n i k i CHAAN: D:
[20:04] themuffinman679: oh yeah
[20:04] themuffinman679: XD
[20:04] themuffinman679: yo
[20:04] themuffinman679: i actually gotta go now
[20:04] Machine Nineteen: el oh el, austin is online.
[20:05] themuffinman679: oh dude, tell him our plans
[20:05] PsionEnergy: I thought I was the only one who wrote out "el oh el"
[20:05] Machine Nineteen: No don't leave I still don't know what a Death Note is.
[20:05] Vs HFT: has joined the chat
[20:05] PsionEnergy: a Death Note is a notebook, and when you write someone's name in it they die
[20:05] PsionEnergy: that's the simple answer
[20:05] Machine Nineteen: has left the chat
[20:05] themuffinman679: lol
[20:05] n i k i CHAAN: :<
[20:05] Vs HFT: howdy
[20:05] themuffinman679: yo austin
[20:06] n i k i CHAAN: hay
[20:06] themuffinman679: long time no see
[20:06] PsionEnergy: hi there, I'm Dan
[20:06] Vs HFT: hia chris
[20:06] Vs HFT: hia christian's brother
[20:06] Vs HFT: if I recall correctly
[20:06] Vs HFT: hia niki
[20:06] Vs HFT: if that is really niki
[20:06] n i k i CHAAN: hayy xD
[20:06] PsionEnergy: uh...different Dan? I dunno, I'm the new guy if that helps
[20:06] Vs HFT: you stil going to SB?
[20:06] n i k i CHAAN: yep yep
[20:06] themuffinman679: I'm Sean
[20:07] Machine Nineteen: has joined the chat
[20:07] PsionEnergy: is this what we call "teh awkwards"?
[20:07] Machine Nineteen: Sure.
[20:07] Machine Nineteen: My Internet died, sorry.
[20:07] Machine Nineteen: It does that a lot.
[20:07] themuffinman679: np
[20:07] Machine Nineteen: By the way, Austin is somewhere here.
[20:07] Machine Nineteen: I think.
[20:07] PsionEnergy: well, you stocked up on phoenix down, so you should be ok
[20:07] Vs HFT: indeed I am
[20:08] Machine Nineteen: Hi Austin how are you WHEN ARE YOU VISITING WANTAGH?
[20:08] n i k i CHAAN: my wifi goes on and off every 5 min, so : /
[20:08] Vs HFT: as soon as I can
[20:08] Machine Nineteen: Yeah same with me.
[20:08] Vs HFT: maybe monday
[20:08] Machine Nineteen: But that's because I'm stealing from her.
[20:09] Machine Nineteen: WTF
[20:09] Machine Nineteen: Monday I'm going out.
[20:09] Vs HFT: though I might not be available till the night since I'm babysitting
[20:09] Machine Nineteen: WITH THESE PEOPLE.
[20:09] themuffinman679: yeah austin you should come w/ us
[20:09] Vs HFT: damn
[20:09] Vs HFT: muffinman who are you?
[20:09] themuffinman679: Sean
[20:09] Vs HFT: oh shit
[20:09] Vs HFT: yo
[20:09] themuffinman679: Rona's friend
[20:09] themuffinman679: yeah lol
[20:09] Vs HFT: I remember
[20:09] Vs HFT: where do you live again?
[20:09] PsionEnergy: I'm starting to see a pattern here
[20:10] themuffinman679: Setauket, right near SB
[20:10] Machine Nineteen: Mars.
[20:10] Vs HFT: QUITE DAN
[20:10] Vs HFT: sheesh
[20:10] Vs HFT: lol
[20:10] Vs HFT: oh wow
[20:10] Vs HFT: nice
[20:10] PsionEnergy: *cries in the corner*
[20:10] Vs HFT: ermm
[20:10] Vs HFT: dan do I know you?
[20:10] PsionEnergy: nope, not at all
[20:10] PsionEnergy: I'm Sean's friend
[20:10] Machine Nineteen: How'd you know his name is Dan?
[20:10] PsionEnergy: we met in High School, I'm a year younger
[20:10] Vs HFT: well I like short walks on the beach and bland ice cream
[20:11] themuffinman679: Dan's going to SB in the Fall
[20:11] Vs HFT: I HAVE ESPN
[20:11] themuffinman679: lol
[20:11] Machine Nineteen: Oh wait this might have been established when my internet died.
[20:11] Machine Nineteen: Never mind.
[20:11] Vs HFT: damn straight he is
[20:11] PsionEnergy: my mom works in the Dean of Students office
[20:11] Vs HFT: or else dan
[20:11] Vs HFT: or else
[20:11] Machine Nineteen: I'm going to Cornell this coming semester.
[20:11] Vs HFT: that's hot
[20:11] themuffinman679: O_O what??
[20:11] PsionEnergy: it's true
[20:11] Machine Nineteen: I know.
[20:11] Vs HFT: why?
[20:11] Vs HFT: not you
[20:11] n i k i CHAAN: : o
[20:11] PsionEnergy: I know several of the deans
[20:11] Vs HFT: dan's mom
[20:11] Vs HFT: niki
[20:11] n i k i CHAAN: wat
[20:11] Vs HFT: you haven't answered the question yet
[20:12] n i k i CHAAN: wat wat
[20:12] Vs HFT: are you going to SB next year?
[20:12] n i k i CHAAN: i thought i said yes xD
[20:12] Vs HFT: your silence says it all
[20:12] themuffinman679: lol
[20:12] Vs HFT: we knew ye well
[20:12] n i k i CHAAN: NUUUU I BE ALIVE
[20:12] Machine Nineteen: Why are we saying goodbye again?
[20:12] themuffinman679: yes
[20:12] Vs HFT: SILENCE
[20:12] Vs HFT: the dead keep their secrets!
[20:12] Machine Nineteen: No, never.
[20:13] themuffinman679: yo guys im going to go now, so this chat will most likely shuty down.
[20:13] Machine Nineteen: The dead gets raped by dirt.
[20:13] n i k i CHAAN: WHALE PENIS
[20:13] Vs HFT: ight adios
[20:13] Vs HFT: good input niki
[20:13] n i k i CHAAN: byeee :C
[20:14] PsionEnergy: well, this broke down very quickly...
[20:14] Machine Nineteen: Don't hunt whales.
[20:14] PsionEnergy: bye everyone, nice meeting you
[20:14] themuffinman679: you can start it up again and we'll pick up where we left off later
[20:14] Vs HFT: good bye dan
[20:14] Vs HFT: I'll always love you
[20:14] themuffinman679: we'll talk again. fairwell
[20:14] Machine Nineteen: You should feel honored Dan, he doesn't say that to everyone.
[20:14] Vs HFT: -sob-
[20:14] themuffinman679: XD
[20:14] themuffinman679: has left the chat
[20:14] Machine Nineteen: Damn the sane one left.
[20:14] Vs HFT: yeah I'm not a whore
[20:14] Vs HFT: I'm a slut
[20:14] Vs HFT: much cheaper
[20:14] Machine Nineteen: Wonder Woman.
[20:14] Vs HFT: all youhave to do is tell me I'm pretty
[20:14] n i k i CHAAN: -grabs popcorn-
[20:14] Vs HFT: or destroy my confidence whicever works
[20:14] PsionEnergy: you're very pretty
[20:14] Machine Nineteen: -Grabs Niki.-
[20:14] Vs HFT: -has sex-
[20:14] Vs HFT: hurrya
[20:14] n i k i CHAAN: -grabs niki's penis-
[20:14] Vs HFT: Cyb3r
[20:14] Machine Nineteen: ... Okay I'm gonna be sick.
[20:14] n i k i CHAAN: durrhurr
[20:15] Vs HFT: let's cyber more -has MORE sex-
[20:15] PsionEnergy: in fact...when I first saw you, the light from the window illuminated your hair like a halo and I was drawn to you and your radience
[20:15] Vs HFT: no that must have been food poisoning or something
[20:15] Machine Nineteen: Why did the normal one leave?
[20:15] PsionEnergy: compelled by this, I knew I couldn't look away, I knew that I would have to have you, right then and there
[20:15] Vs HFT: and then we did it?
[20:16] PsionEnergy: yeah, apparently so
[20:16] Machine Nineteen: Niki are you taping this?
[20:16] Vs HFT: no no
[20:16] Vs HFT: tell me like you mean it
[20:16] Vs HFT: whisper it to me
[20:16] Vs HFT: as though it might fly away in a start if you didn't
[20:17] Vs HFT: -awkward silence-
[20:17] PsionEnergy: *leans in* well, first we *whisper whisper* and then you decided you wanted to *whisper* so I drew you over the table to *whisper whisper* with a *whisper* before we finished
[20:17] Machine Nineteen: Oh, mad libs, I love that shit.
[20:18] Vs HFT: OOOOHH you make me the happiest little girl
[20:18] PsionEnergy: and now, everybody, add in your own words in place of the whispers
[20:18] PsionEnergy: let's see how awkward it gets and what people are thinking about
[20:18] Machine Nineteen: well first we go to the city and then you decided you wanted bubble tea so i drew you over the table to beat it out of you with a rubber chicken before we finished.
[20:19] Machine Nineteen: Clearly my mind is the cleanest little thing.
[20:19] Vs HFT: first we had president nixopn then you decided you wanted to apple pie so I drew you over the table to lebron jame's foot size with a perfect representation of the mona lisa befer we finished. Testicles.
[20:19] Vs HFT: that's some kinky G rated shit
[20:19] Machine Nineteen: someone's high.
[20:19] PsionEnergy: niki? you're the last one to give it a shot
[20:19] n i k i CHAAN: uh
[20:20] Machine Nineteen: Niki can give me any shot she wants.
[20:20] PsionEnergy: -And then there was silence, almost as if a horrible dub job was on the horizon-
[20:20] Vs HFT: (just use all the naughty words you can think of in aplphebetical order)
[20:20] Vs HFT: ACK RUN!!!!!
[20:20] PsionEnergy: (channel George Carlin)
[20:20] Vs HFT: MY EYES
[20:20] Machine Nineteen: Or go back to watching whale porn, it doesn't matter.
[20:20] Vs HFT: no do what I said
[20:20] PsionEnergy: or both
[20:21] Vs HFT: all the naughty words you can think of in alphebetical order
[20:21] Vs HFT: or both
[20:21] n i k i CHAAN: well, first we burn the crops and rape the women and then you decided you wanted to draw some aliens so I drew you over the table to cut your heart out with a crayon before we finished
[20:21] n i k i CHAAN: i be doin it right yes?
[20:21] PsionEnergy: yep
[20:21] PsionEnergy: *hug*
[20:21] Machine Nineteen: I hate mad libs.
[20:21] n i k i CHAAN: : D
[20:21] n i k i CHAAN: -hug-
[20:21] PsionEnergy: isn't that just adorable
[20:21] Vs HFT: my soul just died : (
[20:21] Vs HFT: and then dephicated it's self
[20:21] Vs HFT: but not becuase of you
[20:21] Vs HFT: !
[20:21] PsionEnergy: make sure you clean up the mess then, it'll stain the carpet
[20:21] Vs HFT: hifive
[20:22] Vs HFT: true true
[20:22] Vs HFT: Dan you're a forward thinker
[20:22] Vs HFT: how would you like a job at my firm in
[20:22] Vs HFT: O say eleven years
[20:23] PsionEnergy: what does the job require?
[20:23] Machine Nineteen: A penis.
[20:23] Vs HFT: I don't know
[20:23] Vs HFT: but in eleven years you'll have it
[20:23] Vs HFT: congradulations
[20:23] PsionEnergy: awesome
[20:23] Vs HFT: oh
[20:23] Vs HFT: oh dear
[20:23] Vs HFT: it seems in eleven years and one month you'll be fired without pay
[20:23] n i k i CHAAN: can i have the job too : D
[20:23] PsionEnergy: aww...
[20:23] Vs HFT: it seems you never showed up for you job : (
[20:23] n i k i CHAAN: booo
[20:23] Vs HFT: I'm so sorry
[20:23] n i k i CHAAN: but i have the required requirements and everything
[20:24] Vs HFT: LIER!!!
[20:24] Machine Nineteen: Nix the penis.
[20:24] Vs HFT: christian specifically said you have to have a penis
[20:24] n i k i CHAAN: yes
[20:24] Vs HFT: that's how it will always be in the business world
[20:24] n i k i CHAAN: what's the problem? : <
[20:24] Machine Nineteen: Then show me on Monday.
[20:24] n i k i CHAAN: kay : D
[20:24] Vs HFT: you can be a house wife, a secretary, or you can be the pink ranger
[20:24] Machine Nineteen: Cooking Mama!
[20:24] n i k i CHAAN: I'LL BE A SAMURAI
[20:25] n i k i CHAAN: WITH A LIGHTSABER
[20:25] Machine Nineteen: At a psychologist's office.
[20:25] PsionEnergy: and I'll...be Eiri Yuki
[20:25] n i k i CHAAN: HISSSS
[20:25] Vs HFT: gross
[20:25] PsionEnergy: *wonders how many people got that one*
[20:25] Vs HFT: I thought we agreed that you could be the pretend mommy and I would be the pretend daddy
[20:25] n i k i CHAAN: i thought i was the daddy
[20:26] Vs HFT: but ONLY if I get to come home and complain about my dead end job as the president of the united states
[20:26] Vs HFT: it works both ways in the future
[20:26] Vs HFT: everyone's required to have both
[20:26] Vs HFT: and dan
[20:26] Vs HFT: no one got it
[20:27] Vs HFT: I'm sorry
[20:27] Vs HFT: the answer was door number three
[20:27] Vs HFT: so so sorry
[20:27] PsionEnergy: can I come back next week to do it all over again?
[20:27] Machine Nineteen: Mud.
[20:27] PsionEnergy: kip
[20:27] Vs HFT: ACK
[20:27] Vs HFT: lol
[20:27] Vs HFT: rule number thirty four
[20:27] PsionEnergy: ...oh dear...
[20:27] Vs HFT: lol
[20:27] Machine Nineteen: Damn I'm gonna miss all of yas before I leave for school.
[20:27] n i k i CHAAN: hot skitty on wailord action
[20:27] PsionEnergy: you've never even met me
[20:27] n i k i CHAAN: yes he has
[20:27] Machine Nineteen: And my internet died.
[20:27] Machine Nineteen: So hi
[20:27] PsionEnergy: except for these past few minutes
[20:27] n i k i CHAAN: in his dreams
[20:27] Machine Nineteen: Hello
[20:27] Machine Nineteen: Unk.
[20:27] Vs HFT: -sob-
[20:28] Machine Nineteen: Urg.
[20:28] n i k i CHAAN: *_*
[20:28] Machine Nineteen: holy shit wtf everyone was talking.
[20:28] Vs HFT: gross niki
[20:28] n i k i CHAAN: WAT
[20:28] PsionEnergy: who wants to plan an elaborate prank for Sean when he gets back?
[20:28] Machine Nineteen: Wait he's coming back?
[20:28] PsionEnergy: potentially
[20:28] n i k i CHAAN: -raises hand-
[20:28] n i k i CHAAN: :3
[20:28] Vs HFT: http://cuarentaydos.org/wp-content/uploads/2007/09/rule-34-at-at.jpg
[20:28] Machine Nineteen: I'm afraid to click any link that anyone puts anywhere.
[20:28] Vs HFT: I DO I DP
[20:29] n i k i CHAAN: : D
[20:29] Vs HFT: DOEET
[20:29] PsionEnergy: ok, so, where should we begin?
[20:29] n i k i CHAAN: http://whalepenis.org/
[20:30] PsionEnergy: what kind of prank?
[20:30] Machine Nineteen: The last prank I dd resulted in me losing one of my old best friends. :-D
[20:30] Machine Nineteen: It was funny.
[20:30] PsionEnergy: ...yeah...
[20:30] PsionEnergy: Maybe we can pull a bait and switch
[20:30] n i k i CHAAN: xD
[20:31] Vs HFT: wow niki
[20:31] Machine Nineteen: Maybe we can pretend we all transferred to NYU.
[20:31] Machine Nineteen: No wait that's just a variation of a lie I just made up.
[20:31] n i k i CHAAN: i'm too poor to make that believable
[20:31] n i k i CHAAN: :C
[20:31] Machine Nineteen: That's why it's called pretend.
[20:31] PsionEnergy: *gives niki a hug and a cup for loose change*
[20:32] PsionEnergy: maybe we should prank him on Monday
[20:32] n i k i CHAAN: back to my night job then
[20:32] Machine Nineteen: Aww.
[20:32] Machine Nineteen: Sounds fun.
[20:32] PsionEnergy: I'll bring water balloons
[20:32] Vs HFT: huuray
[20:32] Machine Nineteen: I'll bring the blow up doll.
[20:32] Machine Nineteen: Niki you bring yours too.
[20:32] n i k i CHAAN: i'll bring the machete : D
[20:32] PsionEnergy: and niki can bring the ax
[20:32] n i k i CHAAN: xD
[20:32] PsionEnergy: ...ok, so I was close
[20:33] PsionEnergy: oh! I have an idea
[20:33] Machine Nineteen: Do tell.
[20:33] PsionEnergy: we duct tape him to the blowup doll and bind it tight enough that he can't remove it
[20:33] Machine Nineteen: That sounds hard.
[20:33] PsionEnergy: preferably in a 69
[20:33] Vs HFT: anyway I'm bored and alone so I'm going to peruse the internets (if you know what I mean)
[20:34] PsionEnergy: not really, it's possible with the four of us
[20:34] Vs HFT: I won't leave I just may not respond
[20:34] Machine Nineteen: Oh no Austin's going to, umm, read cookie recipes.
[20:34] Vs HFT: DAMN
[20:34] Vs HFT: foiled agin
[20:35] Machine Nineteen: Oh yeah Energy Dude, what quad are you living at?
[20:35] Vs HFT: snager
[20:35] Vs HFT: sanger*
[20:35] Machine Nineteen: You're not Energy Dude.
[20:35] PsionEnergy: ...*blink blink* I'm...Energy Dude?
[20:35] Vs HFT: I can be : (
[20:35] PsionEnergy: Tabler
[20:35] Machine Nineteen: Sure, I won't remember your name.
[20:35] Machine Nineteen: Nice.
[20:35] Vs HFT: which quad?
[20:36] Machine Nineteen: Dude's livin in Tabler fool.
[20:36] PsionEnergy: maybe I should make a super hero costume
[20:37] Machine Nineteen: Why?
[20:37] Vs HFT: I mean which building?
[20:37] Machine Nineteen: France.
[20:38] PsionEnergy: I actually don't know which building yet
[20:39] Machine Nineteen: I think by now you should. Check Solar.
[20:39] Machine Nineteen: Solar look for addresses and click "change future address" or something.
[20:39] n i k i CHAAN: when's orientation for you?
[20:39] Machine Nineteen: I wouldn't know. I don't go to Stony Brook anymore.
[20:39] PsionEnergy: I've already had my orientation
[20:39] n i k i CHAAN: ah
[20:39] Machine Nineteen: Unk.
[20:40] PsionEnergy: has left the chat
[20:40] Machine Nineteen: Why'd the dude leave?
[20:41] Machine Nineteen: Is he mad at me? Did Niki flash him?
[20:45] Machine Nineteen: Is everyone mad at me?
[20:45] Vs HFT: has left the chat
28th-Jun-2009 04:59 pm(no subject)
"Dearest Nikki,

Silver and Gold I have none to give-- so the scriptures say
And clothes you would outgrow.
But words etched with love in the Scroll of Time
Will never fade, and are best
Though the leaves have fallen
They live again, and again, and again!

A Little Angel called 'Nikki'
V erily I set my heart and mind to write
E very word of praise I have for thee
R adiant is your face with mirth that
O nly five years have made you a complete little lady
N ever have i known one like you
I n our world you came as soft as a dew
C aressing the morning
A s night fades into day
A little pink flower
P oised with a strange beauty
I n the glaring colors of the sky at the
Z enith of the day!
A ngel that you are
R are among your peers
R egal in all your ways
O nly the touch of GOD has made you so.

Yes-- 'Nikki' we all call you even as you are Angeli.

From Lolo
March 27, 1995"

i miss you lolo ♥ rip
31st-May-2009 02:33 am - Woahh... late night revelation.

"Look again at that dot. That's here. That's home. That's us. On it everyone you love, everyone you know, everyone you ever heard of, every human being who ever was, lived out their lives. The aggregate of our joy and suffering, thousands of confident religions, ideologies, and economic doctrines, every hunter and forager, every hero and coward, every creator and destroyer of civilization, every king and peasant, every young couple in love, every mother and father, hopeful child, inventor and explorer, every teacher of morals, every corrupt politician, every "superstar," every "supreme leader," every saint and sinner in the history of our species lived there – on a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam.

The Earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that, in glory and triumph, they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot. Think of the endless cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel on the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner, how frequent their misunderstandings, how eager they are to kill one another, how fervent their hatreds.

Our posturings, our imagined self-importance, the delusion that we have some privileged position in the Universe, are challenged by this point of pale light. Our planet is a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark. In our obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.

The Earth is the only world known so far to harbor life. There is nowhere else, at least in the near future, to which our species could migrate. Visit, yes. Settle, not yet. Like it or not, for the moment the Earth is where we make our stand.

It has been said that astronomy is a humbling and character-building experience. There is perhaps no better demonstration of the folly of human conceits than this distant image of our tiny world. To me, it underscores our responsibility to deal more kindly with one another, and to preserve and cherish the pale blue dot, the only home we've ever known."

--Carl Sagan, May 11, 1996
6th-May-2009 04:30 pm(no subject)
lu xun ♥
i just can't take this anymore.
21st-Sep-2008 05:47 pm - { niki's bored | take 007 }
...and ooooh, how bored i am :)

recently i have discovered the joy that is pedobaiting, aka luring pedophiles into thinking you're a young girl and then messing with their minds =DD

i have no idea why, but it's so fun xD
oh, pedos. tsk tsk.

post is public so i can humiliate these people >DCollapse )

in other news...


i mean, i can... but i can't keep up a whole conversation with him ;A;

omg i think i really, really like this guy Dx
24th-Jul-2008 09:54 pm - { what's this? | public post 001 }
lucy ♥

first of all, it shouldn't be a LAW that prevents kids from buying violent video games, it should be the PARENTS of those kids. if kids are getting more and more violent, it's not because of the games themselves, but because the parents don't know what their kids are doing and are TOO FUCKING IGNORANT to even care about game ratings. they don't even take the time to explain to their children the difference between reality and fantasy. i don't mean to say that violence should be condoned; i'm not even suggesting that it should be ok for little 7 year old kids to buy M-rated video games because they're mature enough. but that's just it. the difference between a child growing up to be a violent psychopath and a child growing up to be a perfectly fuctioning member of society starts at HOME. HELLO AMERICA, YOUR KIDS NEED YOU. YOU'RE THE REASON WHY THEY'RE FAILING SCHOOL, ON DRUGS, HAVING 12574198+ BABIES AT THE AGE OF 10, ARE OBESE, ETC. YOU'RE THE NUMBER ONE INFLUENCE IN THEIR LIFE. use it to your advantage.

this rant brought to you by my many failed attempts to change the government and the world around me. thank you and have a nice day. :)
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