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Мысля подкралась незаметно

тапком её, тапком!

Chemical Oli
6 December 1977
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Independent Educational Consultant / Team Leader for USBORNE BOOKS and MORE.

Educational Value of Usborne Books

Experts are consulted and each subject thoroughly researched to make sure the information is accurate. Each subject is presented with unusual clarity and conciseness.

The text is accompanied by full-color pictures and diagrams to help one "see", for example, what a Viking settlement looked like or how an engine works.

Many "hands-on" projects are presented to allow the student to "test" the concepts.

Puzzles are interspersed to develop problem-solving skills and improve comprehension.

Our dot-to-dot series displays a number line on the bottom of page for each puzzle.

Questions are asked to stimulate curiosity.

Special Features of Usborne Books

Step-by-step explanations of the "How’s and Why’s".

Cutaway illustrations so children can get the inside view.

Double page layouts which open so that the book is easily propped up, enticing the child to delve into the pictures.

Pages filled with activity - a lot of material to explore on each topic.

Straightforward text consistently positioned below each picture simplifying the reading exercise-the use of short sentences encourages the child to read.

Interactive and Appealing to All Ages

With over 1400 titles there is a book for everyone in every age group from 0 to 99. Though primarily a children's line of books, Usborne books are also used in college courses and enjoyed by adults everywhere who still love to learn.

Usborne Books started with non-fiction books, but now we carry readers, fiction, classics "re-done", jigsaw puzzle books, maze books, workbooks, learning wrap-ups, hands-on activity kid kits, activity card packs, wind-up books and more!

World-Wide Acclaim of Usborne Books

Usborne books have appeared in over 50 languages.

Usborne books have received numerous book awards. Learning Magazine's Teachers' Choice award, Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children Products Awards, Parents' Choice Award & Approval Ratings, plus more.

And recently earned Children's Publisher of the Year 2012.

Please visit my site to learn more about these incredible books and for information on our business opportunity.

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