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When Insanity hits a body. Or else; Look at me, I actually think.

And that, little Tony, is what Late night sushi does to you.

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31 March 1983
This Bio needed some serious work... spring cleaning, then.

Basic Bio:

Age: 29

Sex: Female

Eyes: red-brown

Hair: Red or Black. Depends on what colour I feel like every three months.

Favorite Food: Various, also depends on my mood.

Favorite Drink: Baileys

Favorite Band: Pink floyd, and all classic rock except the rolling stones.

Favorite Movie: Donny Darko <= Upgraded to several others.

Favorite Anime: Inuyasha <= sorry, dogboy, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood took the cookie.

Favorite Inuyasha Pairing: Inuyasha-Kagome, and recently, Sesh-Kagura <= oh, how cute I was!

Favorite City: Nothingham, England ... and London, of course

Often Told I Look Like: Audrey Hepburn ... and I actually DO resemble her, strangely enough. (Or I used to. Not quite anymore)

(format idea taken from the deviant art info sheet)

Favourite Quote Ever:

"Evil always triumphs over Good. Unless good is very, very sneaky." - My adorable fictional Husband, Janus, from katmorning's 'Blood Ties' story. (Hands off. Or else ... I'll be sicking Bakura at you) <= I was REALLY cute...

This is the weather and time in Malta..

I Have Adopted Puss!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Puss really belongs to Dreamworks, and his voice to that Latin hunk,
Antonino el sexy Banderas... but let me dream..

I almost deleted this one, but then I remembered that this marked the official start of my last OFFICIAL summer holidays - second year at uni. After that, it was 'work hunt' summer and 'work' summer. Memories...

NaNo Participant! Winner!

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