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Midnight Muse Newsletter (LiveJournal version) ~ October 2007

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Clouds gather, treetops toss and sway;
But pour us wine, an old one!
That we may turn this dreary day
To golden, yes, to golden!

(Theodor Storm, A Song in October)


Midnight Muse 2007 Events

In mid-September we celebrated the return of the Cincinnati Celtic Festival, in
a gorgeous new riverfront location. Last weekend, Matthew and Kris went to the
Universal Light Expo in Columbus Ohio, while Tess and Grace went to the first
annual FaerieCon in Philadelphia! A photo post will follow soon... Many thanks
to those who made our recent events so wonderful, especially our assistants. We
couldn't have done two events at the same time without you.

Coming up, our events include the following:

The Enchanted Ball
-Held at historic Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio
-Saturday, October 27th, 8:30pm to 2:30am
-Enchanted Ball Website

This dark and delightful costume ball features live music and DJs, theatrical
performances, a Night Gallery of eerie art, and ghostly tours of the splendid
129-year-old Music Hall by Haunted Cincinnati! Catering by Vinyl, Main Street
Cafe, and Wild Oats.

***Interested in being a vendor or reader at the Enchanted Ball? Spaces are
limited but possible, even this close to the event! Midnight Muse is assisting
with vendor placement for this event, so please contact us DIRECTLY for a
vendor info packet! We'll email you one right away. (info@midnight-muse.com)

Victory of Light Psychic Festival
-Sharonville Convention Center, Cincinnati, Ohio
-November 17 and 18, 2007 (Saturday and Sunday, 10am-7pm both days)
-Victory Of Light Website

Cincinnati's largest and most well-known Body/Mind/Spirit event features over
200 booths of fascinating spiritual wares, a full schedule of free workshops
and seminars, live music and dance performances....plus tarot readers, spirit
mediums, holistic healers, massage therapists, pet psychics, visionary artists,
and more!

Midnight Muse and tarot reader Matthew Avelland will be located downstairs in
the ballroom at this event. Be sure to stop by and say hello!


Reminder: Matthew Avelland Available for Tarot Readings

Looking for a tarot reader to add depth and interest to your party, girls' night
get-together, or bridal shower? Matthew Avelland is available for private parties!
More information about Matthew is available on his website: MatthewAvelland.com


New Merchandise at Midnight Muse

The 2008 Calendars are here! Sulamith Wulfing, Kinuko Craft, JW Waterhouse,
Fairies, Camelot, Celtic Mandalas, Susan Seddon Boulet, and more...

New Books:

The World of Faerie (stunning new book by Brian Froud!)
How to Draw and Paint Fairies (Linda Ravenscroft)
A Mermaid's Tale (Amanda Adams)
Women's Rites, Women's Mysteries (Ruth Barrett)
Mermaid Wisdom (Brenda Rosen)

New Tarot Decks:

The Victorian Romantic Tarot
The Fairytale Tarot
The Goddess Inspiration Oracle
The Mystic Faerie Tarot
The Forest Folklore Tarot

New Jewelry:

Oak Leaf pendant and earrings
Sun/Moon/Stars pendant
Moonlight Faery pendant

New soap fragrances from Nature's Emporium:

~Bergamot and Lavender
~Patchouli Lime
~Sandalwood and Jasmine
~Lavender Lemonade
~Black Raspberry Vanilla
~Wolf Moon (Lavender & Sage)

Click here to see all 30+ soap scents!


Midnight Muse 2007 Poetry Contest

Announcing our first annual poetry contest! Tess of Midnight Muse used to
co-judge a poetry contest here in Cincinnati many years ago, and we recently
decided to honor the Muses by holding our own contest...

First prize is a $300 gift certificate to Midnight Muse, second prize is a $100
gift certificate, third prize is a $50 gift certificate. Honorable mention prizes
may be awarded depending on the total number of entries. The poem topics
must be related to one (or more) of the Midnight Muse themes: goddesses,
faeries, myth and legend, etc. Entry fee is only $1 per poem, with no limit to
the number of entries you can submit.

All entries will be made anonymous by a third party before judging takes place,
to avoid any bias in favor of friends and customers. Final submission deadline
is December 9, 2007 (the New Moon). But enter now -- don't risk forgetting,
and missing the deadline! Complete rules & instructions available here:



Media and Miscellaneous

Tess of Midnight Muse was interviewed by CinWeekly Magazine in February,
for their "What I'm Into" column. If you'd like a copy of the article emailed
to you, just ask. :-)

We're on MySpace - feel free to "Friend" us!

~Midnight Muse MySpace Page
~Matthew Avelland's MySpace Page
~Tess Avelland's MySpace page

As always, friends, thank you so much for your support, and for your interest
in Midnight Muse.

Autumnal blessings,
Tess & Matthew

Midnight Muse
28 W. Fourth Street
Cincinnati, OH 45202
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