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30 January
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i love;
jeremy, neon colors, alt rock, indie, screamo, hardcore, pink flowers, silly putty, striped undies, falling in love, notebooks, dancing, big cities, night time, my hamster named turtle, ipods, my cell phone, neat ringtones, being rad, wearing polka dotted skirts, the word penis, being unbelieveably weird, pretending to be cool, photography, camera whoring, shopping, stripes, studio headphones, movies, etc etc.

i hate;
cats [not kittens], most little kids, running out of batteries, ignorance, jocks who know nothing but sports, broken cds, turtle running on her wheel at 4 am, pPl WhO TyPe LyKe DiS, unfinished thoughts, plain-ness, the word "thurr", dried out markers, car accidents, stereotypes, suicide, improper spelling, having no control of my emotions, being prone to alcoholism, not knowing what to do, pop radio stations, the smell of venison, fish where im swimming, broken cds etc.

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