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[01 Nov 2004|09:45pm]
[ mood | fucked up. ]

1. Do you wear spike bracelets? yeah..but i need more.
2. Do you wear jelly bracelets? used to. i lost them.
3. Do you wear converse? YES >=|
4. Do you wear black nailpolish? uh huh
5. Do you wear band t-shirts? same as josh..thats all i wear
6. Do you wear skateboard companies? one shirt.
7. Do you wear surfing companies? noooope.
8. Do you wear dirtbike companies? ew. hell no.
9. Do you wear striped shirts? sometimes yes.
10. Do you wear solid polo shirts? hahahahaha FUCK NO.
11. Do you wear chokers? uh huh
12. Do you wear lock necklaces? i used to. had to take it off cause it was a "weapon". lmfao.
13. Does it take you five minutes or less to do your hair? depends.
14. Do you wear lots of eyeliner? TONS OF IT!
15. Do you use a backpack or messenger bag? backpack
16. Do you wear darker colors? duh.
17. Do you wear neon colors? sometimes. not alot though.
18. Do you wear 'whats in' or stick with your old jeans? new jeans are stupid.
19. Do you wear sweatshirts and jeans? hoodie + jeans = almost everyday.
20. Do you wear knee socks? yup. with skirts. ^_^

21. Do you have character shoe laces? heh. no.
22. Do you have drumstixx but dont play? i stole courtney's...does that count?
23. Do you have guitar pics but dont play? i do play.
24. Do you have the Nightmare Before Christmas on tape or DVD? FUCK YES!!
25. Do you have the Breakfast Club on tape or DVD? no..but i like that movie.
26. Do you have 16 Candles or Pretty in Pink on tape or DVD? i dont have either but they were awesome movies. [esp. 16 candles]
27. How many CD's do you own? lmao. it'd take me forever to count.
28. How many DVD's do you own? um...like...maybe 5?
29. How many tapes do you own? lmao. none.
30. How many piercings do you have? 8. but its gonna be 10 soon.
31. How many tattoos do you have? none yet.

32. Do you write your name a million different ways on 1 blank sheet of paper? ..no O.o
33. Do you draw a lot of pictures of hearts? do broken ones count?
34. Is the volume on anything that plays music in your house really loud? wow. what a stupid question. YES.
35. Do you stay up late to watch Invader Zim? FUCK YEAH!!
37. When a song comes on you like do you rock out? DUH.
38. Do you push buttons multiple times? *grins*
39. Do you draw with white out on a lot of stuff? yeah!
40. Do you color your nails with sharpies? when i cant find black nailpolish..yes.
41. Do you sit there listening to songs and relate the lyrics to your life? only with a couple cds. not everything.
42. Do you pick one song and learn all the lyrics? i only have to listen to it once.
43. Do you daydream a lot? yeah. that and thinking.
44. Do you share lockers with your friends? nope.
45. Are you distracted by shiny objects? IM NOT STUPID JOSH! [yes i do]
46. Do you know where every sharp object is in your house? its not that hard to figure out. most are in my room.
47. Do you play DDR constantly? i used to.
48. Do you write on your skin with pen? yup.
49. Do you bite your nails? sometimes.
50. Do you update your xanga daily? uh huh.
51. Do you have more guy then girl friends? at the moment...no.
52. Watch FUSE 24/7? no..i dont get that channel... =(
53. Do you have a favorite pillow? no O.o
54. Do you have oversived stuffed animals? from when i was like 6..yes.
55. Are you secretly in love with your friends older brother? LMFAO. YES. [cate's brother, shannon's brother...]
56. Do you play with lighters? uh huh.

D0 Y0U WANT T0 ...
57. Be in a mosh pit? YES!
58. Go to a party your parents would never approve of? as if i dont already?
59. Go to Warped Tour? i plan on going this summer.
60. Runaway from home? nah. im okay with my house for now.
61. Tell everyone off? yup.
62. Go to California with someone you love? why california? i'd pick somewhere better.
63. Have a practical president for once? the government is useless.
64. Make peace with an enemy? i have no enemies. soooo no.
65. Make out with someone from a band? FUCK YES!!! mmm...billy from gc...dro, mubo, and dearborn from DSA...connor oberst....i have a HUGE list
66. Buy out Pac Sun or Hot Topic? sadly i shop at both..
67. Get a piece of candy? eh...i dont really like candy that much.
68. End this survey? honestly...i dont care.
69. Aint this a kewl number? mmhmmmm *grin*

waltz with murder

[29 Sep 2004|07:02am]
[ mood | crappy ]

my el-jay is officially dead.
i might start back up with it later...but right now school is too much work.

all of you with xangers..go see mine
i still write in it everyday that i can.


waltz with murder

[06 Aug 2004|10:24am]


3 did the waltz with murder

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