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Who Wants To Be Ordinary In A Crazy Mixed Up World?

The madness that is the mind of Flo

27 February
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Date Created:2002-09-18
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Flo, not my real name but the only one that I use online. I'd tell you the real one but then I'd have to kill you.Nurse which is where the name "Flo" comes from. Obviously I am not Florence Nightingale since she is dead. I'm friendly,loyal and known to be snarky. Don't let that frighten you, it's part of my charm.
Strengths: I love my friends, I can quote the original Star Wars, I can sing along with obscure pieces of classical music which is the curse of being a skating fan. I can also make a mean cheese ball.
Weaknesses: Men with accents, star crossed lovers, figure skating, a good book, cheesecake, chocolate, back rubs, kittens and puppies.
Special Skills: I can start an IV and watch figure skating at the same time. I even hit the vein on occasion.
Weapons: Snark, the ability to detect a smarmy weasel at twenty paces, my charming and friendly personality.
Favorites: Reading,figure skating,music,computers,travelling..especially to Canada.

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