Ground Control To Major Tom-- Anybody out there?

Hey guys, I'm not sure if anybody I know still even uses livejournal (honestly, I didn't even remember my username and thought my account had been purged but then Chrome was nice enough to have saved my username/password and remind me what it was), but I'm still alive and think of all of you often (really, I really do! Especially those of you who I only know by a shortened nickname and terrible pronunciation of an Elvish word haha) and really hope you're all doing well.

I graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in anthropology, specializing in cultural evolutions due to migration/culture mixing and linguistics, and have been waitressing and trying to figure out what in the absolute fuck I am going to do with my life since. I wound up going to Finland (a month), Istanbul (a summer), Ghana (a summer) and Peru (6 months) and have now been in the US for a now-weirdly long stretch of time. Unfortunately it's far less easy/cheap as a not-college student to up and leave for awhile and have a place to land and something productive to do there. I've been considering teaching English abroad for a year, which was my plan for post-graduation for a really long time up until I inconveniently (only in terms of up and leaving the country) met my boyfriend of 2.5 years the first morning I woke up and walked downstairs in the craigslist apartment with random people that I had secured from my room in Lima. He was playing pool with my roommate, we made eye contact and I knew my aspirations of being a free woman who would do what/whomever I please for 6 months then jumping on a plane to a faraway land were gone. I don't want it to sound like I'm unhappy with how things turned out-- I love him to death and he's taught me a lot about people, life and myself. I of course set myself up for falling madly for someone when I committed to not getting into a relationship or liking anybody too much as I was planning my final semester of college.

Right now I'm in a bit of a transition period; this absolute dickbag of a general manager who had it out for me from the moment he walked through the door fired me from what I thought was a secure, good position two months ago. One of my friends/coworkers who I trained hooked me up with a job at his second job, where he trained me, which is pretty cool except for the fact that I make so little I still qualify for unemployment (the math in VT at least is they take your lowest-earning quarter of the past year and divide it in half and that's your weekly benefit). I haven't wound up receiving any/following through, since by the time they finally approved me I was making money again, although I probably should follow up on it since it's there and why not, that's part of why I pay taxes, isn't it? I had an interview for the main underground music venue in town yesterday, which is so cool/hipster that it's weird, so very weird, but I'd love to be a part of it and would definitely make some money there, and I have an interview at a nice little foodie pub tomorrow, so hopefully the cash flow situation will improve shortly and I can stop constantly looking for another job because mine sucks. We're moving into (hopefully, haven't signed/finalized anything just yet) a gorgeous apartment that I'm in love with June 1, and I'm thinking of actually going back to school in a couple of weeks.
There are a few programs I'm looking into, but the one that's kind of sticking with me after finding the few is a substance abuse services certification program. The only thing I know for sure that I want to do with my life is to help people, and in Vermont (as well as the rest of the country), there's a huge demand for people to help with substance abuse issues, and I think I'd be decent at it. I think it's a good way to get my foot in the door for social work, and while it isn't something right now I think I want to do forever, I think it's something I would feel good about doing for awhile.

I really miss writing, I haven't been in school for two years now and I want to get back into it, so you might see me around here every now and then. If any of you are still reading this, I think of all of you, my internet friends, quite often. It's so crazy and wonderful to me that there are people I know only through the internet who have known me since I was 12-13 years old-- longer than just about anyone I still keep in touch with other than family. What an incredible thing the internet is. I'd love to do an ethnographic research project about peoples' online lives, I think it's super cool. I'm not "into computers" by any means, and yet there's this community of people who I found online as a kid (lol, if you had called me a kid back then I would have been piiiiissed) who I've grown up with bouncing my thoughts off of. Super cool. The bulk of my (way too much, probably) time online is spent on Reddit, Facebook and Instagram; if any of you have the 'gram totally add me! @kempstered is my handle over there; I'm kind of proud of it-- has a ton of pictures from while I was abroad, and more recently a ton of my tuxedo kitty baby killing machine, Monster.

Well since this is here...

Hello everyone who still has me on their flist! I managed to remember my username and password for once, so I figured I would use the awesome lack of things I have to do today to update some stuff. It's been two years at least since I last updated and things have chaaaanged (obviously). I currently live in Burlington, VT with my boyfriend, Cam and our adorable bitch cat, Esme. I'm going to University of Vermont and majoring in anthropology with minors in history and linguistics. I work for university dining services, which makes me want to kill myself/everyone pretty regularly, but hey, it's the most money I've made since high school, so I'll do it.

I lived in Boston last year for the fall semester, but I didn't like the school I transferred to/the people I was living with so I came back to Vermont. Shoulda chose BU. Oh well.

Over the summer I studied abroad in Finland and Istanbul. Finland was for three weeks to go to a conference at University of Lapland entitled "Social Work from a Global Perspective", so basically it was social workers and scholars of social work giving presentations about issues they face in their country and the like. We had awesome small group discussions in the afternoons-- one of them particularly sticks out in my mind: it was me, another American, two students from Finland, two students from Hong Kong, and a student from Pakistan discussing food and credit card debt in our respective countries. It was just amazing to be able to sit at a table with all of those different people from different places and have that discussion-- I previously was convinced that kind of stuff was only reserved for people working for the UN or something.

Istanbul was completely ridiculous, probably the best seven weeks of my life. I took Turkish and a Russian history class (it was super interesting to learn from someone who wasn't a slavophile). If I start talking about it now I will probably never shut up about it. But I'm working (still... I got back the first week of August) on putting together photos for an album both in print and on flickr. I also need to set up some kind of blogspot/tumblr/wordpress kind of thing for all of the various stories etc.

I'm studying abroad twice more before I graduate: in Ghana over the summer and in Peru next fall. I am so ridiculously excited-- in Ghana, I'm taking Peoples and Cultures of Africa, Social Service Delivery Practices in Ghana and West African Music and Dance. Hollaaaa. Peru is a little more up in the air, but I know I'm taking Ethnography of the Andes, Ethnography of the Amazon, Urban Anthropology and (mothafuckin') Quechua. And a South American/Peruvian history course.

My current projects include trying to learn some languages on my own, getting that blog shit together, finally putting together my photos from the summer, attempting to get in shape and figuring out what I'm doing with my life.

But yeah, odds are I'm not going to pay much attention to this journal very much, so feel free to email me ( and I'll update again with the link to my blog when that gets done. Here's a video of me getting trolled by an ice cream man in Istanbul:


Hey. I'm Micala.

This is my LJ.

I stopped updating for awhile, but I'm getting back in the habit. Though even if I don't update that much, I read my f-list like all hell so don't worry that I'll never bother reading.

I can get along with just about anybody who isn't prejudiced or some other terrible thing. Bonus points if you're funny. Or some other perk.

A few things about me:
-I have no idea what I want to do with my life. And being in the process of deciding where to go to college kind of makes that interesting. (I can't decide if I should go into biomedical research, physics or archeology).
-I love talking to people when you can have conversations about absolutely anything and everything. You know those? Where it's one thing to one thing to one thing ADD be damned, it's fun!
-I'm always open to suggestions of new music. :)
-I'm vehemently supportive of equality between people.
-I work more than is necessary. It's calming. It's weird, I know.
-I love listening to all kinds of music (okay, maybe not quite all) and reading all kinds of books (no, not Twilight).
-In general I am a quite calm person, I'm okay with everything-- it's very very hard to offend me. So give me an add or IM or email, I don't bite.

AIM: Crosstowntraf1c
Email: ask.
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