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Mia Dickerson


18 September
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I'm new to the CSI Crime Lab in Las Vegas. I was called in to be the new DNA Lab Technician in order for Greg Sanders to get out into the field. It's been a tough adjustment [Grissom is a great boss, don't get me wrong, but he's .. um, what's the word .. particular], but I think I'm adjusting well. At least I hope so.

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Date Created:01.10.06
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Mia Dickerson came to the CSI: Las Vegas team during Season 5, after Greg decided to start going out into the field. Mia was the second DNA Lab Technician to be brought in. She only remained for a short while (a five-episode appearance) until she was later replaced by the current Lab Technician. A bit OCD, she often scolded the other CSI's for "contaminating" her work space, particularly Hodges.
Strengths: Friendly, Amiable, Tolerant, Accepting, Perfectionistic, Organized
Weaknesses: OCD, Easily Stressed, Perfectionistic, Accusing
Special Skills: Getting results in a short amount of time due to her organizational skills
Weapons: None, unless you count the lab
Occupation: [Former] DNA Lab Technician

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Muse l Mia Dickerson.
Fandom l Miscellaneous TV (CSI: Las Vegas)

Disclaimer: I am not Aisha Tyler, or her TV personality Mia Dickerson. This journal is for entertainment and roleplaying purposes only. Mia Dickerson belongs to CBS and Jerry Bruckheimer Productions - no copyright enfringement intended.