May 3rd, 2004

colors of the rain [do not take]

Hold my hand

I know, another 3 weeks. But it really is a crappy and huge batch of 270 icons, 19 fo banners and 1 wallpaper this time around, since I attempted a '100 unique icons' target. And there are a hell lot of repetitive icons as usual. ^^; So just pray your computer doesn't crash while it loads. Edit; The banners and wallpapers will be on the next post, as I figured it would really slow down the loading time.

This batch is a pretty messy and rushed job since I only started a few days ago and I was trying out several new effects and all, so don't be expecting much. I planned on posting FoR, PoT, HxH and more FMA, Gackt, Naruto but my stamina died down on me. The text on a good number of the icons are pretty messed up, so I might be correcting some of them in the next batch (so don't take any to use as bases), if you have any suggestions for what text should be placed on the icon, feel free to share it with me.

I'll probably be cross-posting these to several communities so if you've to see it more than thrice, I apologize. Also, this might be the last time I'll be posting icons here as it was getting a little lonely down here, so I might be opening a new shared icon journal with my friend, so stay tuned. _metamorphic would not be closed as I intend to change this into a graphic journal and instead of posting icons here, I'll be posting wallpapers, fo banners and other random stuff.

And so, the usual rules apply: Comment and credit _metamorphic or _facade in keywords.

Anime Icon Count: 163
Akuma de Sourou
x01 - Kayano
x03 - TakeruxKayano
x08 - Takeru

Boys Be
x03 - Aki

Fruit Baskets
x01 - Ayame
x04 - Kazuma
x01 - Kisa
x04 - Kyou
x04 - KyouxTohru
x03 - Momiji
x11 - Yuki

Full Metal Alchemist
x06 - Armstrong
x04 - Ed
x03 - Elicia
x05 - Hawkeye
x02 - Hughes
x01 - Hughes' family
x31 - Roy
x03 - Roy&Ed

x13 - Ryuichi
x04 - Yuki

Gensomaden Saiyuki
x07 - Goku
x04 - Hakkai
x01 - Kougaiji
x06 - Sanzo

x05 - Naruto
x01 - Sasuke

Princess Tutu
x06 - Ahiru
x02 - Fakir
x02 - Mytho
x04 - MythoxTutu
x05 - Tutu

Slam Dunk
x04 - Mitsui
x01 - Sakuragi

Other Icon Count: 107
x01 - Misc

x05 - Beckham
x05 - Nicholas Tse
x08 - Juan

x18 - Kei
x66 - Sho
x02 - ShoxKei
x02 - Son

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Never let you go

19 fo banners and 1 wallpaper.

Oh and I realisd I forgot to plug some icon journals that I've been wanting to plug for weeks. Visit i_con_u, iconthesis, iconcerto, phantome, konayuki, starlikedice and riddle_icons. They all make icons that are much much better than mine.

Anyway, before you proceed, if you take any banners be sure to comment and credit _metamorphic or _facade somewhere visible in your journal. Do not direct-link the banner and please note that the wallpaper is for personal usage only.

Friends Only Banner: 19
x01 - Kayano (AdS)
x01 - TakeruxKayano (AdS)
x01 - Roy (FMA)
x02 - Ahiru (Princess Tutu)
x01 - Mytho (Princess Tutu)
x01 - MythoxTutu (Princess Tutu)
x03 - Gackt
x02 - Nicholas Tse
x01 - Kei
x05 - Sho
x01 - ShoKei

Wallpaper: 1
x01 - TakeruxKayano (Ads)

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