April 10th, 2004

colors of the rain [do not take]

... and you watched me fall;

My server problems has been resolved and my exams are over, so I'm finally here to present you with my iconage. Since I took more than a month to post this batch of iconage, I'm going to make it up to you by sharing with you a huge batch of iconage. As huge batches tend to be lower in quality for me, since I get bored after making a large number of iconage, thus, do not expect much from this batch.

There are 203 ugly iconage (many of which are similar icons) and 5 friends only banner. As usual, some of the icons can be used as icon bases but please do comment and credit if you plan to use them. Very few Gackt and *sobs* no Roy iconage this time round, since Gackt and Roy aren't cooperating well with me. I'm probably cross-posting this to a zillion other communities, so bless your soul if you have to see this more than neccessary.

The usual rules apply: Comment and credit _metamorphic or _facade in keywords.

Anime Icon Count: 159
DN Angel
x12 - Daisuke
x11 - Dark
x01 - Krad
x07 - Satoshi

Full Metal Alchemist
x01 - Ed

Full Moon wo Sagashite
x02 - Izumi

Flame of Recca
x04 - Mikagami

Get Backers
x02 - Akabane
x01 - Ban
x01 - Ginji

Hikaru no Go
x02 - Hikaru
x03 - Sai
x04 - Waya

x01 - Kakashi
x02 - Naruto
x12 - Sasuke

Prince of Tennis
x07 - Fuji
x03 - Kaidoh
x02 - Kawamura
x02 - Momoshiro
x02 - Oishi
x02 - Ryoma
x02 - Tachibana

Rurouni Kenshin
x03 - Battousai
x08 - Enishi
x03 - Kenshin
x03 - Saitou
x07 - Sanosuke
x02 - Souzou
x10 - Tomoe
x04 - Yahiko

Slam Dunk
x01 - Mitsui
x04 - Rukawa

Princess Tutu
x02 - Mytho
x01 - MythoxRue
x01 - MythoxTutu
x01 - Tutu

Witch Hunter Robin
x02 - Michael
x04 - Robin

x02 - Kamui
x02 - Kakyou

Yami no Matsuei
x08 - Hisoka
x02 - Muraki
x02 - MurakixHisoka
x01 - Oriya

Other Icon Count: 44
Harry Potter
x03 - Draco Malfoy

x15 - Chachamaru
x09 - Gackt
x02 - GacktxRen
x08 - Hyde

x01 - Manchester United
x02 - Miscellaneous
x04 - Utt

Friends Only Banner: 5
x02 - Daisuke (DN Angel)
x01 - Dark (DN Angel)
x01 - Yue (CCS)
x01 - Juan Carlos Ferrero

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And gomen, on_dope. I am not done with your Akabane iconage. Can't seem to make an acceptable icon of Akabane.
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