March 7th, 2004

colors of the rain [do not take]

Iconage *__________*

It hss been weeks since I last posted. I don't mean to be so infrequent in my updates, but I tend to prefer posting my icons in bulk. So please take the time to tell me if you would prefer the icons to be posted in bulk or in a smaller package but more frequently.

There are 38 badly made icons here this time, some of which could be used as icon bases, but do comment and credit if you're planning to use them as icon bases. I tried to go with the softer look this time and I seem to have failed miserably. I guess, I'll have to try until the icons look right with the softer look. Oh, and I cross-posted the icons to several communities, so I'm sorry if you have to see this message more than thrice once.

Abide to the rules. Remember comment and credit _metamorphic or _facade in keywords.

Icon Count: 38

Akuma de Sourou
x1 - Takeru
x1 - TakeruxKayano

Final Fantasy VI
x3 - Edgar

Full Metal Alchemist
x2 - Hughes
x12 - Roy

Full Moon Wo Sagashite
x2 - Takuto

Gensomaden Saiyuki
x3 - Sanzo

Gundam Wing
x7 - Heero

x1 - Alucard

Prince of Tennis
x1 - Akutsu

x1 - Fuuma
x1 - FuumaxKakyou
x2 - KamuixFuuma
x1 - KamuixSubaru

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